Kelly Slater Rides a Fashion Wave

The ocean has given Kelly Slater nearly everything in life, from friendship and spirituality to direction and inspiration.



Quarters Fit for a Lighthouse Keeper

The centuries old framework on the ceiling is brought to centerstage, with a new crisp, clean white ceiling laid carefully in between the old beams that serves to highlight them.


Seaman Paints the Sea

The art of Japanese fish rubbing, or gyotaku, is a lengthy process involving washing, cleaning and drying fish, then applying ink to it, pressing it against rice paper or fabric and using your hands to create an image of the fish.

A Desire to Include

It’s Apple Season at Harbes


Canna Cocktails

We’ll try not to use the word “healthy” when describing the new cocktails being served at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor, which have been infused with CBD oil, a chemical compound known as a “cannabinoid” that is found in marijuana plants.


Clergy See a Way Forward

Reverend Karen Campbell glanced at Rabbi Dan Geffen to her left and Reverend Kimberly Quinn Johnson to her right, and Reverend Peter Devaraj and interfaith minister Nancy Remkus across the aisle at the Old Whalers’ Church in Sag Harbor. “Oh, am I fortunate,” she recalled thinking to herself.

The Shops of Christmas

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Greenport Gets Serious About Dining

Seafood-inspired small plates, elevated dining experiences, gastropubs and specialty coffee shops and cuisine found their way east, shifting Greenport into a full-fledged dining destination.

Shinnecock Look to the Future

The first Sunday in June has always been an important day for people living on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation. June Meeting, as it’s called, has a special significance in Shinnecock culture.

Laid Back in Westhampton: The Beach Resort Has Returned to Its Family Roots

Incorporated in 1928 as a family-oriented resort community — and having survived a brief late-night summertime scene 50 years later — the Westhampton Beach Village of today has found its way back to its roots, catering to a more traditional and laid-back crowd.