Explosive Material Detonated on Long Beach


Sag Harbor Fire Department officials closed Long Beach Road to traffic Saturday afternoon while police launched investigation into explosives. Bryan Boyhan photo.

A black box on Long Beach.

The Suffolk County Emergency Service Unit Bomb Squad detonated what is believed to have been an old piece of explosives – resembling dynamite – police believe may have been trapped in the rock revetment opposite the community Bay Point, and was discovered Saturday afternoon. The discovery of the material prompted the closure of Long Beach Road between North Haven Village and the hamlet of Noyac for over three hours, starting at about 3 p.m. Saturday.

According to Sag Harbor Village Police Chief Austin McGuire, the material was isolated and detonated as a precaution. Chief McGuire was on the scene as a member of the Sag Harbor Fire Department, which along with the Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corp, was on hand throughout the investigation, which was led by Southampton Town Police. According to Chief McGuire, as many as 75 volunteers manned the scene during the course of the over three-hour investigation.

According to Southampton Town Police Lt. Susan Ralph, police were initially contacted at 3:13 p.m. after a passerby saw a package labeled explosives. Once police determined it was in fact explosive material, Suffolk County Emergency Service Unit Bomb Squad technicians responded to the scene, and Long Beach Road was shut down as a precaution.

“Rather than move the material through neighborhoods [they] detonated it on the beach,” said Lt. Ralph in an email on Sunday. “The material is used to quarry rocks and could have been in the rocks during that time.”

In 2013, police cordoned off Long Wharf in Sag Harbor Village, after police said a man working on repairs to the village’s finger docks approached police and said he found explosive material in North Haven — and had transported it to Long Wharf. According to Sag Harbor Village Police, the material was found in a mass of rocks the marine contractor was restoring in front of a private home in North Haven, and had likely been used in a quarry creating the revetment material, and accidentally transported with the rocks to North Haven.




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