Exploring Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor Elementary School fourth-graders recently toured their community as part of a combined history/photography lesson. Photo courtesy of the Sag Harbor School District.

Sag Harbor Elementary School fourth-graders recently participated in walking tours of Sag Harbor alongside award-winning photographer Clarence Shepard.

The students worked with Shepard to document the community’s neighborhoods through photography and learned about its history. Each fourth-grade class visited different areas of the village, including Havens Beach, Cormaria Retreat House, Marine Park, Turkey Hill, Oakland Cemetery, Otter Pond and the Sag Harbor Historical Society.

Jack Youngs, co-president of the Sag Harbor Historical Society, and retired teachers Bethany Deyermond and Deanna Lattanzio also joined the tours and shared their knowledge of the village with the students.

The students’ photography, which displays the architectural, natural, cultural and historical riches of Sag Harbor, will be exhibited at the John Jermain Memorial Library in the near future.