Endorsement: Bishop for Congress


Congressman Tim Bishop has a worthy opponent in Republican candidate Lee Zeldin, who in his first race for political office has shown poise, intelligence and charisma often not seen in an inaugural run for office. At the tender age of 28, Zeldin has an impressive resume including his military service – which landed him in Iraq as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division – and a career in law. For the most part, during this campaign, Zeldin showed he was educated on many of the issues and willing to take unpopular stances, even within his own party — it’s an attitude we wish we could see more of in Washington.

However, Bishop has proven himself a valuable representative for the East End over the course of the last six years and has our endorsement for another term in Congress.

We find ourselves impressed with Bishop’s command of all the issues. No matter where debates took the candidates he was easily able to follow, his responses confident, well informed and well considered. In terms of the responsiveness to his constituency, we have found Bishop is the kind of Congressman who has always made himself available, no matter the issue, an asset we consider valuable on the East End.

Personality aside and looking towards the issues, we agree with Bishop’s stance on a number of topics, including his call for universal health care, education initiatives and how the country can begin to address the fiscal crisis we find ourselves in.

Bishop has called for greater oversight in our financial markets. It is the initiatives of the financial markets and subsequent fallout that is largely why we find ourselves in a national economic crisis. We stand with Bishop in his call for regulation.

Ditto on Bishop’s stance on No Child Left Behind, a federal mandate this paper has been critical of since its implementation. The unfunded mandates of No Child Left Behind are patently unfair to both the states and the school districts attempting to comply with this program.

It is time once and for all that this and many other policies change in Washington D.C., and hopefully next year under a new regime that includes Congressman Bishop we will start to see some changes we can all be proud of.