Enchanted Tarot Celebrates a Quarter Century

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Danielle Franz photo
Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Danielle Franz photo

A quarter century has passed since Amy Zerner and Monte Farber first published “The Enchanted Tarot.” The couple was ready to see the ancient tarot card images re-interpreted for modern-day living, and they thought others must feel the same way.

It turns out they were right.

In a recently released 25th anniversary edition, “The Enchanted Tarot” takes on new life with larger cards that are richer in color and detail. It comes in a keepsake box, which also includes the parallel book that details “the Dream,” “the Awakening” and “the Enchantment” for each card; a “Quick Read” of outcome answers to help with daily decision making; a chart of correspondences of the Major Arcana; and an extra chapter of reminiscences and observations of the couple’s journey with the cards over the last 25 years.

“It is ‘The Enchanted Tarot’ that, more than any of our creations, that has defined our lives,” Farber said. “By the time we started working on it, Amy and I had been joined together in love for over a dozen years. Until then, however, we had worked separately, me as a musician who did readings on the side, and she as a fine artist who was pioneering her own fabric collage tapestry style. ‘The Enchanted Tarot’ allowed us to work together on the same project for the first time and that, in turn, redefined our lives as artistic collaborators.”

“When we received the first printed copy of The Enchanted Tarot from our publisher back in 1991, we were so excited. We opened it up and shuffled the deck and picked a card — it was the Ten of Pentacles!” Zerner added. “To us, this card has always meant, ‘The founding of a dynasty,’ and now, with the publication of this new set, ‘The Enchanted Tarot’ is recognized for its enduring power. The original tapestry of this card has hung next to our bed all this years. Such a perfect symbol of manifestation, protection, blessings, success, security and tradition.”

A card reading and book signing will be held on Saturday, October 28, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at Bookhampton in East Hampton. For more information, visit theenchantedworld.net.