Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center Expands Junior Pre-K Program


Children in Sandy McLaughlin’s class enjoyed a pizza and pajama day last week. Photo courtesy Eleanor Whitmore Center

The Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center is pleased to announce an expansion of its junior Pre-K program, with the help of a grant from the Irvin Stern Foundation. The program for three-year-olds now includes resources, strategies, and curricula that mirror the Prekindergarten program at EWECC.

New initiatives will include a parent outreach program for families with toddler and junior Pre-K students, with sessions in English and Spanish focusing on aspects of early childhood development and education, including on language development and the effects of technology on the process.

The 12-month junior pre-k curriculum will align with New York State Common Core curricular standards and a new system will be implemented to assess and foster children’s social-emotional growth, developed by the Devereux Center for Resilient Children. The center will also have visits twice a week by a bilingual school psychologist, Jacqueline Rambo, for social groups for child, family, and teacher support.

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