EKS GOLF LLC Offers Year Round Golf Instruction



By Lindsay Andarakis

Eric Schultzel is an East End native who was born in Southampton and moved to Montauk, developing a love of golf from a young age. He played high school golf in East Hampton and continued golfing through college, starting his professional career at Montauk Downs, a place he had worked at since he was old enough to get a paycheck.

Mr. Schultzel earned his Class A as a PGA professional in 2008 but has been teaching professionally for 10 years at Montauk Downs and five years at Poxabogue. He decided he wanted to start his own business after realizing how limited great instruction on the East End is, and that after the summer, golfing activity died down.

His business, EKS GOLF LLC opened on July 4th weekend and is based in East Hampton. Located on 15 Toilsome Lane, suite 5, Mr. Schultzel has a studio with a state of the art simulator that has several cameras to detect everything about a person’s golf swing, combined with his knowledge of golf to help them improve.

“The biggest thing is that it makes people’s golf swings better in less time because it’s so precise. There’s no guess work,” Mr. Schultzel said. People of all skill levels and all ages are welcome to learn how to play good golf and enjoy it all throughout the year, as the machine can accurately simulate bunkers and other golf course features.

“So now, that we’re indoors in a controlled environment we can do it all year long for the community in an area where golf is very, very important for everyone around here and we can keep everyone’s golf game up to date,” he said.

Golfers bring their outdoor equipment indoors with Mr. Schultzel’s facility, meaning they can practice with the same clubs and balls they want to use on the field. He noted that the world of golf simulation and cameras has come a long way and are becoming the wave of the future, with technology so precise that you get much more than just being on a driving range.

“With all this technology, you know exactly what’s going on all the time with every single shot, so your time and money is not wasted,” he said.

Lessons last from a half hour to an hour priced at $80 and $150. To book lessons, call Mr. Schultzel at (631) 527-5959 and for more information, visit his website at Eksgolfllc.com.