Edwards To Appear in Spring Break Art Show

"Kitchen Instamatic" by E lan + Jonathan Bogarin.

South Fork-based curator and Iron Gate East director Kelcey Edwards was among just over 80 curators selected out of 700 applicants for Spring/Break Art Show 2019, which will be held through March 11 at 866 UN Plaza in Manhattan.

In response to this year’s theme Fact & Fiction, Edwards is presenting an exhibition, “The Hidden World of Objects,” featuring new work by painter Richard Pasquarelli and sibling filmmakers Elan + Jonathan Bogarín whose magic realist documentary “306 Hollywood” premiered at Sundance Film Festival last year.

“The artists featured in ‘The Hidden World of Objects’ are conducting an investigation into the power of objects to connect us to our most deep-seated sense of personhood. In keeping with the Spring Break 2019 theme of ‘Fact And Fiction’, the works of art in ‘The Hidden World of Objects’ investigate this paradoxical power of objects to toggle between the symbolic and literal, the real and ideal by exploring the psychological, and thus unreliable and imperfect nature of memory and association,” says Edwards. “On one end of the spectrum, Pasquarelli’s paintings present the belongings of people with disorders such as OCD and Hoarder disorder as ‘portraits’ of an individual’s state of mind. On the other end, the Bogarin siblings conducted an excavation of their late grandmother’s house to embark on what they described as a ‘magical-realist journey in search of what life remains in the objects we leave behind.

Finding connections like this between artists working in different media is one of the most exciting aspects of the curatorial process, and I just had to bring these works together in one space,” Edwards added. “As a species, our personal effects and belongings have the narrative power to both navigate the murkiness of our past and also tell the story of our present. Unlike us, inanimate objects exist, for the most part, largely unchanged through time. In this sense, they posses a power to conjure, returning us psychologically to memories of a time and place that is no longer with us, and to others who will have changed, through time, as we have. Despite the fact that these objects are “lifeless”—from the objects featured in the Bogaríns’ film and photographs and Pasquarelli’s paintings to the art objects in the exhibition—in many if not most cases, they will outlive us all.”

Edwards worked with Richard Pasquarelli this November on a group exhibition she curated in Southampton titled “Love Is Not All” — a popup exhibition in a luxury modern home on Bishops Lane that featured the work of five artists, including Jeff Muhs.

For more information, visit springbreakartshow.com.