Ed’s Lobster Bar Coming to Former Bay Burger Restaurant Space

Edward McFarland, chef/owner at Ed's Lobster Bar. Hannah Schneider Creative photo

Come Memorial Day weekend, there will be a new place in town for lobster rolls, fried scallops and even drinks at a bar.

Edward McFarland, owner of the Manhattan seafood restaurant Ed’s Lobster Bar, has signed a lease to open a Sag Harbor outpost at the former Bay Burger site on Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike.

Mr. McFarland and Bay Burger’s former co-owner, Joe Tremblay, last Thursday confirmed a lease has been signed.

“The location to me is a very special location,” Mr. McFarland said this week.

He said he is looking forward to “the great year-round community” as well as annual vacationers, plus a lot of his New York City customers. “A lot of people I’ve spoken to over the years have been asking me to come out there for 12 years,” he said. “I do believe I have a big crossover of clientele.”

In August 2018, Time Out New York called Ed’s Lobster Bar a “New England-style fish shack” and rated it one of the city’s 10 best seafood restaurants. “Expect superlative raw shellfish, delicately fried Ipswich clams and lobster served every which way: steamed, grilled, broiled, chilled, stuffed into a pot pie and — the crowd favorite — in the lobster roll,” Time Out wrote.

The new restaurant will serve lunch and dinner plus brunch on the weekends, and will have a full bar. Mr. McFarland is even taking a bite out of Bay Burger’s legacy with a possible weekly live music night.

He said “75 to 80 percent of the menu will be tried-and-true” to his New York City restaurant, along with “newer items we don’t do in the city.”

“The lobster roll is going to be made basically by the same person in the city and will be consistent — exactly the same,” he said.

Mr. Tremblay, who owned Bay Burger for 12 years along with his wife, Liza Tremblay, until last fall, told The Express he thinks “a high-quality seafood restaurant like Ed’s will be great in this space.”

“I stopped in to the location in the city for lunch and loved the lobster roll,” Mr. Tremblay said. “I think they are bringing a lot of optimism and enthusiasm with them and I hope the community embraces them the way they did Bay Burger.”

Since Bay Burger closed, Ms. Tremblay has partnered with two other Sag Harbor entrepreneurs to launch The SHED, a co-working office and event space for women that began as a one-day-a-week pop-up at Estia’s Little Kitchen and recently expanded into a five-day space of its own in Bridgehampton.

The Tremblays also sold their ice cream business, Joe and Liza’s Ice Cream, to a local mother-and-son duo, Amy O’Donnell and Sean O’Donnell. Ms. O’Donnell is a partner in another popular Sag Harbor business, GeekHampton, while Mr. O’Donnell has quite a fan base on Instagram — more than 1 million followers.

Mr. McFarland said his initial plans are to keep Ed’s Lobster Bar open in Sag Harbor for nine months of the year, closing for January, February and March and reopening in April. But, he said, “it’s all subject to change.”

“We’re looking for a robust customer experience and meeting what the community needs,” Mr. McFarland said. “If the community wants us for a full year, we will be open.”

The former Bay Burger restaurant site. Christine Sampson photo