Editorial: Staying the Course


Landscape architect Edmund Hollander has been a boon to Sag Harbor, helping property owners find ways to enjoy beautiful grounds while using new technologies and native plants and trees to create wetland boundaries that prevent runoff and eliminate the need for herbicides and fertilizers. The services he has donated to the village has been outstanding and Sag Harbor is certainly a better village as a result.

Mr. Hollander’s surprise proposal before the Southampton Town Board late last month to come up with a plan to work his magic on Nancy Willey Park was a gracious and generous offer. It seemed like a distraction, however, from the issue before the board: banning parking along the east side of the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike in front of the park and Reid Brothers garage, which he urged the board to hold off on while he developed his plan.

One thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Residents have called for, and Suffolk County has endorsed, the parking ban, to prevent Reid Brothers from parking customer cars along the roadside, defeating the whole purpose of the Nancy Boyd Willey Park: making a gateway to Sag Harbor look good.

Councilman Tommy John Schiavoni did the right thing by refusing to table the proposal, which he sponsored, and calling for a vote. And the board, undistracted, did the right thing, too, approving it unanimously.