Editorial: Smiles for Days


Mother Nature gifted organizers of the Sag Harbor American Music Festival with perfect weather conditions over the weekend and set the stage for one of the most enjoyable few days in recent village history. The streets of Sag Harbor were alive, especially on Saturday, as dozens of live performances filled restaurants, the alleyway, tents and local businesses with happy and, presumably, paying customers. The breadth of American music, from soul to jazz, blues to bluegrass, was on full display as was a breadth of musical talent that gifts East End music lovers on a regular basis.  A number of the acts last weekend came from out of town — New York and New England, for the most part — but the majority of the talent was homegrown, and for that we should all be eternally grateful.

Organizers of the music festival were forced to incorporate increased fees levied by Sag Harbor Village into their operating budget this year. Thankfully, those fees didn’t deter the group from pushing forward. “Fall can be a funky time folks,” Nancy Atlas, who closed out the music festival on Sunday afternoon, said in a Facebook post a few days later. “While epic sunlight and crunchy leaves do indeed descend, the days get shorter and eventually grey. If you’re feeling blue don’t despair. Live music has healed people for centuries and we have some stellar sonic doctors here on the East End waiting for you with open arms and tuned guitars (sometimes). All you have to do is show up. We will be happy to see you.”

And it was clear this past weekend, the feeling is mutual.