Editorial: Smart Thinking


The Pierson PTSA had some really good suggestions for the Sag Harbor School Board last week.

We like the PTSA’s suggestion to offer students formal training when they are elected to positions such as president or vice president of their class or the student council. If a student learns math, science and vocabulary at school, what better place to also learn leadership skills? It is akin to professional development for teachers, who have to fulfill a certain number of additional training hours each year to make sure they do the best job for their students.

The suggestion to take a long, hard look and possibly update the student fundraising policy is also worthwhile. Consistency, clarity and communication never hurt an organization. The more than $3,000 left unspent by the class of 2015 when it graduated was just one example of how clearer expectations, training and policy could have benefited the school community.

We hope the school board was listening to what the PTSA had to say, because the group often has a direct finger on the pulse of the school community.

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