Editorial: Seeking a Person of the Year


They have provided relief to hurricane victims, flown to Greece to provide aid during a growing refugee crisis, helped feed local families in need, started inclusive youth athletic programs and demonstrated Herculean bouts of energy accomplishing projects that benefit the greater Sag Harbor community. For their efforts they have been honored in The Sag Harbor Express’s year-end issue as the “Person of the Year.”

Sag Harbor has retained a strong sense of community — a sense of community many are fiercely protective of amid the rapid increase in development and a rising cost of living that is pricing some out of their own hometown. That sense of community is fostered in the work accomplished by volunteers, government leaders, educators, leaders in arts and culture and non-profit groups.

We want to know who you believe has made a difference in your life or the life of others in 2017. Was there an educator who went out of their way, a business owner who supported others, a pillar in the community who is having a milestone year? We want to hear your stories — a person of the year could be someone who has accomplished something grand, or someone working quietly behind the scenes with little fanfare. Email kmenu@sagharborexpress.com with your stories, thoughts and ideas on who you believe is Sag Harbor’s Person of the Year for 2017.


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Gavin Menu is the sports editor, advertising director and co-publisher of The Sag Harbor Express and Express Magazine. Reach him at gmenu@sagharborexpress.com.