Editorial: Recognizing Veterans


This Veterans Day, the American Legion’s Chelberg-Battle Post # 388 will unveil to its members — and soon after to the public at large — a recently completed walnut plaque that contains brass nameplates listing 341 village residents who served in various branches of the armed forces. The names are grouped by family, which will allow viewers, at a glance, to see the contributions made by some of our local families to our nation.

The legion’s commander, David Pharaoh, who first came up with the idea a decade ago, said in a recent interview that the village has monuments for those who died in the service of their country as well as the wars they serve in. But the latest effort is a family scrapbook, of sorts, in which everyone who has served will share some space.

It’s a nice way to recognize our many veterans. Another occurs on Friday at 10 a.m. when the village will hold its annual Veterans Day parade. It’s a low-key affair that makes its way from the Civil War monument on Main Street and proceeds to Marine Park. This year, former Army Captain Michael Dee, who served as a platoon leader in the military police in Korea, will give a short speech.

We urge you to attend and show your appreciation.