Editorial: Poor Precedent


The village’s Harbor Committee was wise to express doubts during a discussion regarding a proposed pool just 10-feet from a bluff on a Terry Drive property — as all the village boards must remain vigilant amidst the continued upswing in out-of-scale residential development throughout Sag Harbor.

While the property’s owner and developer, Bruce Bronster, may be in the public eye for the mass purchase of properties in the Azurest, Ninevah and Sag Harbor Hills neighborhoods through a series of LLCs, that is not reason enough to stall redevelopment plans. However, any proposal that is out of character with those neighborhoods, or in this case, is one that could pose a threat to the natural environmental, must be carefully studied and weighed. At a time when addressing poor water quality — and the impact large-scale residential development has on the environment — is at the forefront of virtually every local politician’s agenda, the Harbor Committee will play a key role in how this section of Sag Harbor’s waterfront is redeveloped, particularly when it comes to the siting of pools. It is crucial to remember that a pool is a luxury and not a right, even more so when it fails to meet the setback requirements.