Editorial: No Stopping


Southampton Town’s recent removal of two stops signs on Scuttle Hole Road at its intersection with Millstone Road has rankled some drivers. The issue has sparked more emails and phone calls than any other recent topic, according to Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee president Patricia Harwood.

The signs were intended to keep traffic from backing up inside the nearby Mitchell Lane roundabout but they caused their own backups, some rear-end collisions and were the subject of complaints to the town. But their removal keeps traffic flowing on Scuttle Hole, which is a good thing. Drivers who head south on Millstone Road are now barred from turning east onto Scuttle Hole. Signage on Millstone calls for left turns to be made from Guyer Road, the short diagonal off Millstone that connects with Scuttle Hole just east of the Country Garden farm stand, where sight lines are better.

Sure, sometimes drivers have to wait a minute or so before they can make the left turn, but that’s part of life in a community saturated with traffic. The real problem for most people is not the wait; it’s probably the element of surprise and unfamiliarity. This change was well reported in this and other media. The town board advertised it and held a hearing on it in June at which time no members of the public spoke.

As much of life here requires, relax. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay.