Editorial: Long Time Coming for Long Wharf


Repairing, and improving, Sag Harbor’s Long Wharf, arguably one of the village’s most visible facilities, has been a conversation before the village board for well over a decade, and now it appears the latest plan may actually come to fruition.

Members of the Sag Harbor Planning Board were given a public presentation on the plan this week. Similar presentations are expected to be made to the various village boards for input, while the trustees wait to find out if the village will be awarded sizable grants from Suffolk County and New York State. The current proposal, which trustees say could change following input from board members and the public, is modest. It would repair the wharf, preserve parking and create a safe walkway for pedestrians to enjoy the village’s grandest view — its waterfront —without fear of falling into the harbor.

Water quality improvements are also included in the current proposal. Stormwater treatment would remove debris, hydrocarbons and sediment from water pouring into the village’s most precious resource, its waterfront.

This is a project that should have been tackled long ago. It is incumbent on the village board to solicit feedback from its residents, but it is also incumbent on trustees to ensure that a Long Wharf project moves forward at long last.