Editorial: Fly Away, Blade


The East Hampton Town Board last week effectively told Fly Blade, Inc. to take a hike. The company is supposed to offer an on-demand helicopter service from New York City to East Hampton, but town officials say they discovered it has also been running scheduled service, which would be a violation of its approved operating model, so they revoked its license.

This move, however small, is an important step in letting the businesses that use the airport know that the rules will be enforced. And now that Fly Blade has been put on notice, it’s fair to expect the town to make sure that other helicopter services are complying with the limits on their operations as well.

East Hampton Airport is a small facility that was never designed for the level of use it is being subjected to today. Although East Hampton Town has been pummeled in court in recent years over its efforts to rein in activity there, it is refreshing to see that the town board has not unnecessarily become gun shy in taking reasonable steps to control the impact of growing air traffic on surrounding communities.