Editorial: Do it For the Kids


While Mashashimuet Park — like most public and private parks — will always have room for improvement, and its board will need to be innovative as a non-profit aiming to provide recreational services to a land-starved school district and community at large, there is no denying that for many children of the greater Sag Harbor area and beyond, it is an intrinsic part of their childhood.

From its playground, which admittedly has a certain amount of nostalgia attached to its aging equipment, to athletic fields where most Pierson middle and high school athletes find their first passions for competitive play and the camaraderie that comes from teamwork, to even its tennis courts, which offer free hard court play for children in Sag Harbor under the age of 17, Mashashimuet Park has a lot to offer children and families in the village and beyond. And this is not just limited to athletics. Have a free fall evening? Why not cook out on the park’s grills, and take a stroll through the adjoining Long Pond Greenbelt after dinner?

Is the park perfect? Of course not. Is there room for improvement? There always is. But to dismiss the efforts of the park’s board to fundraise for its playground is shortsighted. It’s a laudable project that will benefit generations of children, and whether you have children or not, that should be something we all strive for as a community.

There are a lot of projects in need of funding right now. The playground at Mashashimuet Park is asking for a small amount of funding from the community — and offers an incredible return on its investment, with no impact to taxpayers. Visit mashashimuetpark.org for more information.