Editorial: Digital Disruption


As some of our readers already know, there was a hack into our website last week that caused pop-up windows to appear warning of security breaches and asking users to call specific numbers to remedy the situation immediately. These pop-ups are familiar scams to many. But the concern remains that there are people who might not be as experienced with computers and who could be taken advantage of by these kind of digital disruptions. To be clear, there was no virus spread through our website or to the computers whose owners visited the site. The issue was dealt with immediately and the injected code has been removed.

There are entire cultures across the world whose missions are to disrupt business and commerce and to cause panic in international markets. Look no further than the recent hack of Equifax to see the potential damage that can be caused. We are relieved to report the hack of our site was a minor inconvenience, but it still should serve as a reminder for us all to protect our digital profiles to the fullest extent possible.