Editorial: Call for Help


Southampton Town’s Opioid Addiction Task Force, established last year to propose meaningful solutions to help combat the drug crisis on a local level, will hold its second public forum on Thursday, February 8, at Southampton Hospital’s Parrish Memorial Hall.

Opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions on a national level, and Southampton Town is hardly immune from its impact. Deaths by overdose have now become almost routine, increasing the urgency of finding answers.

The focus of next week’s meeting will be on “front line practices” in the treatment of opioid addiction, and to that end, the task force has invited members of the medical and mental health communities to make time to share their insights about what works and what doesn’t work with its treatment subcommittee.

It goes without saying that anyone who treats opioid addiction in their work should clear their schedules to attend this important forum and contribute their expertise in the effort to combat this crisis. It also goes without saying that there is no magic bullet, but by pooling resources and committing ourselves as a community to facing this problem, we stand a much better chance of success.