Editorial: At A Loss


It is impossible to fathom the pain surrounding the recent deaths of the 2-year-old twin girls, apparently at their own mother’s hand, on the terrible journey that ended in Montauk. To people in this area, the girls and their mother, who lived in Medford, were strangers—but the first responders who found them at Third House, including those who are parents themselves, surely were affected in ways that most of us cannot begin to imagine.
People on the South Fork often focus on quality-of-life issues that outsiders, with some justification, might consider trivial. Sometimes things happen that are so immense in their tragedy, they dwarf the mundane grievances and resist any comment whatsoever. What words are there?

If there is anything that can or ought to be said about this unspeakable event, perhaps it is that despair knows no boundaries, that every problem is relative, that every child deserves to be loved, nurtured and protected, and that every family should have access to the kind of support that is needed to ensure that that can happen.

Beyond that, a moment of silence to remember these two lost lives says so much more.