Doubts on Redwood


The ZBA said it would not be inclined to grant variances that would allow Brian DeSesa, a Sag Harbor attorney, to subdivide into two lots an 11,954-square-foot lot he is in contract to buy at 41 Redwood Road.

Mr. DeSesa said he wanted to redivide the property, which had merged with upzoning, so he could build houses for his family and his in-laws.

But a neighbor, Richard Sygar, of 37 Redwood Road, opposed the plans. Mr. Sygar told the board even if the property were not subdivided it would still not meet village, county and state setback requirements from wetlands, nor be able to meet most of the standard setbacks required in the R-20 zone for a single house.

Plus, he said, thanks to an easement his own sanitary system and parking area are on the property. If two houses were allowed on the property, that would result in three sanitary systems, “or the highest concentration of sanitary systems in the village,” he said.

Although the board agreed to table the matter until next week, members urged Mr. DeSesa to drop the idea. “It feels like a really troubled lot to even build a single residence on it,” said Mr. McGuire.