‘Donna’ Screens Months Before Wide Release, For a Cause

Donna, Stronger Than Pretty

Domestic abuse crosses all socio-economic lines, and affects all genders and all ages — and, yet, it is a private tragedy. It is always happened to someone else.

In reality, it could be a neighbor. It could be a family member. It could be a best friend. And together with The Retreat, filmmaker Jaret Martino is hosting an open forum and discussion with those who have survived it, following the screening of “Donna, Stronger Than Pretty” on Thursday, July 18, at Guild Hall.

“I am compelled to tell stories where women are the heroes who save themselves,” Martino said in a statement. “‘Donna, Stronger Than Pretty’ is an empowering film about the journey of a woman finding her voice. Women often must fight for social and economic equality. This was my mother’s reality and the inspiration of ‘Donna, Stronger Than Pretty.’”

The film follows a young mother’s “American Dream” that quickly turns into a living nightmare, until she finds the inner strength to listen to a voice she hadn’t heard before: her own. After the screening, the panel of domestic abuse survivors will answer questions and tell their personal stories, moderated by author and survivor Leslie Morgan Steiner.

In conjunction, Guild Hall will display “Warrior Portraits,” a photography series by Lindsay Morris and journalist Emily Weitz that puts a face on the hidden stories of domestic violence.

For more information, visit allagainstabuse.org.