Dish: Wings of Fire

The wings of fire at Townline BBQ.

There are only two rules: eat seven of Townline BBQ’s ghost pepper wings in seven minutes, and endure a seven-minute “burn period” after — no food or drink allowed, with the exception of beer.

Sounds easy enough, right?


We had some burning questions about this “Wings of Fire” challenge — available now at the Sagaponack restaurant — and general manager Amanda Jones sugarcoated none of her answers.

The wings of fire at Townline BBQ.

The Sag Harbor Express: How hot are these wings exactly?

Amanda Jones: Hot enough to give one contestant a nosebleed.

How difficult is the challenge to complete?

Jones: Depending on your will power and threshold for pain, consuming the seven wings in seven minutes is the “easy” part. After you finish all of your wings, and lick your fingers clean, the seven-minute burn period begins. This is the hard part. Seven minutes full of regret and despair.

Has anyone successfully completed it?

Jones: Yes, there has been blood, sweat, tears and hiccups — literally.

Have you tried it yourself?

Jones: I personally have not. Joe [Realmuto] has. He will kill me for telling you this, but, he dipped his pinky in the sauce and ran to get a loaf of bread. He shoved as much in his mouth as he could while his eyes were tearing.

Think you have what it takes? Winners will have their name and photo posted on the Townline BBQ Wall of Fame, and the cost of the wings and beer will be waived. Participants must be age 21 or older. For more information about Townline BBQ’s “Wings of Fire” challenge, please call (631) 537-2271 or visit