Dish: Smaller Calories, Big Flavors at Bistro Ete

A Weight Watchers-friendly dish from Bistro Ete in Water Mill.

Weight Watchers does not work in Paris — at least as far as Liz and Arie Pavlou are concerned.

Unfortunately, wine- and recipe-tasting season isn’t much better for the co-owners of Bistro Ete in Water Mill. But when a handful of their menu items are Weight Watchers friendly — not to mention made from scratch and naturally gluten free — it eases the guilt, Liz Pavlou said.

“I was really happy when Arie joined with me, not only because he was ready to get healthy, but it was a real eye opener for him,” she said of her husband, and Bistro Ete chef, joining Weight Watchers. “He has a heavy hand with olive oil and, being a Cypriot Greek, he always insisted how healthy olive oil is. Yes, it’s healthy, but also high in SmartPoints.”

Inspired by their new lifestyle, and local produce, the menu features Pavlou’s personal favorite, the zucchini spaghetti, and the cod braised with clams, chickpeas and saffron — each clocking in at four SmartPoints — and the roasted eggplant with a saffron yogurt sauce and pomegranate seeds for three SmartPoints.

But it’s “The Zero,” a summer squash crudo, that will send home Weight Watchers participants point free.

“Arie created this dish a few summers ago at home when I was on a salsa kick,” she said. “It’s spirialized summer squash topped with a fragrant summer salsa of ripe tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lots of fresh squeezed lime juice. Chef’s revised ‘Bistro Ete’ version will roll out this Memorial Weekend, and he will top it off with large grilled shrimp. Please note, the vegan option will be available, of course.”

Bistro Ete is located at 760 Montauk Highway, #1342, in Water Mill. For more information, please call (631) 500-9085 or visit