Dish: Seasonal Summery Pies at Sag Harbor Baking Co.


A berry crumb pie from the Sag Harbor Baking Company.

Upon walking into the kitchen at the Sag Harbor Baking Company, I was greeted by the aroma of freshly whipped cream and watched Michele spread chocolate frosting on a perfectly rounded two layer yellow cake.

Margaret Wagner and Michele “Mimi” Yardley, the owners and bakers at the Sag Harbor Baking Company since 2011, have been working on crafting pies made with seasonal fruit and a crust from scratch.

They use a fruit purveyor that provides local fruit whenever possible and enjoy using unique combinations of seasonal fruit. Pie classics like strawberry, blueberry and cherry or mishmashes like mixed berry, strawberry rhubarb or apple blueberry are available, as well as custom combos.

Now approaching a prolific peach season, the pair will make juicy combos of the summer favorite fruit like peach blueberry, peach blackberry or peach raspberry.

Upon biting into the mixed berry pie, it was moist yet crumbly, something I thought was an oxymoron that the Sag Harbor Baking Company achieved with ease.

I could taste the butter in the curvy crust with a touch of a sugar cinnamon blend. The filling was tart, with just the right amount of sweetness and whole fruits surrounded by a flaky pastry layer. The topping had a coffee cake like texture with free floating candied oats and a crunchy top. I found the fruit to be agreeably jellied, not mushy or gelatinous like some commercial pies can be.

The bakery makes eight-inch standard pies and for special orders will make nine inch. Eight inch pies are 25$ and nine inch are 35$. All the crusts and dough are made in house. Come the autumn season, favorites like apple and pumpkin will be back, as well as pies with non-fruit fillings.

Sag Harbor Baking Company is located at 51 Division Street in Sag Harbor. For more information, please call (631) 899-4900 or contact


-Lindsay Andarakis

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