Digital Workshops from The Watermill Center

Afua Ansong will offer “Meditation on the self: Drinking at the Mouth of West African Art” at The Watermill Center on March 6. Photo © Maria Baranova Suzuki. Courtesy The Watermill Center.

This spring, The Watermill Center (TWC) launches a series of public workshops, kicking off in March with four digital offerings from TWC’s international alumni.

Featuring writer Afua Ansong, theater artist Anton Krause, multidisciplinary artist Tamar Ettun and visual artist Lua Rivera, the workshops aim to demystify the creative process by inviting participants to directly engage with an artist’s studio practice.

This new series is birthed from The Watermill Center’s ongoing education programs, which annually see over 1,000 students and educators interact with Watermill’s global roster of artists.

“We were looking for new ways to open ourselves to the public, and these workshops felt like a natural progression,” said education programs coordinator Andrea Cote.

“Our education programs are so abundant, but due to their focus on working with local educational institutions and partnering organizations, they aren’t as open to the public as our other programs.

“We thought it would be a great opportunity to get the community engaging with our international artists and investigating the creative processes of artists from different backgrounds.”

The program begins Saturday, March 6, with a workshop led by Ghanian-American writer and scholar Afua Ansong, who will teach “Meditation on the self: Drinking at the Mouth of West African Art,” which invites the public to develop prayers, chants, songs, and poems that seek to preserve and explore concepts of the self-inspired by Adinkra symbols.

Zoom workshops continue the first Saturday of each month through June.

On April 3, theater artist Anton Krause leads “Why Do Mugs Have Faces”; on May 1, multi-disciplinary artist Tamar Ettun leads “How to Trap a Demon”; and on June 5, visual artist Lua Rivera leads a textile workshop.

Tickets start at $25. Register online at