Davis Designs for Pechefsky

A David Pechefsky poster designed by Paul Davis.

Sag Harbor artist Paul Davis, renowned for his art depicting iconic figures in culture, theater and politics, has created original poster art for the campaign of David Pechefsky, who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination to run for Congress this fall against incumbent Lee Zeldin.

“After getting to know David it became clear that he is a candidate who stands apart,” said Mr. Davis in a release issued by the Pechefsky campaign. “I wanted to create a poster to express the sense of hope he inspires in me and others, especially the many young people who have been energized by his campaign. They seem to sense, as I do, that as a congressman David would represent all the people of this community, especially working families whose needs are so often overlooked.”

“I can think of no more profound endorsement than having Paul Davis express his support for me through his art,” said Mr. Pechefsky. “I believe the work captures the shared aspiration Paul and I have for a better, fairer country, where all are treated with dignity and respect, and where we do what is needed to preserve our planet for future generations. I hope as a candidate and as a member of Congress to repay, at least in some measure, Paul’s faith in me.”