Dalessio, Morfis Headline Grenning Gallery Two-Hander

Marc Dalessio painting in plein air on Main Street in Sag Harbor. Michael Heller photo

The Grenning Gallery only needs two artists to anchor its next show — Marc Dalessio, a world-renowned plein-air painter, and John Morfis, a disciplined tromp l’oeil painter of antique objects — opening Saturday, June 15, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Sag Harbor gallery.

Marc Dalessio, according to Eric Rhodes — the preeminent publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and Plein Air Magazine — recently introduced Dalessio to the National Plein Air conference in California as ‘perhaps the finest plein air painter in the world today,’” according to a press release. “This is no surprise to us. The Grenning Gallery has been showing and following Dalessio’s work since he was in his early 20s, as he became one of the finest realists in the then-nascent classical atelier movement.”

Despite his prowess as a portrait painter, Dalessio long ago shifted his focus out of doors, where he is known to regularly paint up to three paintings a day. His larger studio works, based on his plein-air oil sketches, are rare — and “The Watercolor” may just be his “finest large-scale figure in the landscape, and his most beautiful as of yet,” the release said.

Over the last few weeks, Dalessio and his wife, Tina Orsolic Dalessio — the subject of this major work — took time out of their worldwide tour to paint locally, capturing scenes of Stony Brook, Amagansett, East Hampton, Indian Wells Beach and Sag Harbor.

“Tina even painted the new Sag Harbor Cinema while under construction,” the release said. “This exhibition will highlight these local scenes, as well as a selection of paintings from Dalessio’s trips around the globe.”

John Morfis, a Long Island native, has recently embraced a larger-scaled canvas and bolder colors, already renowned for his single-object still life paintings. “Each object has a personal history and sentimental value to the artist,” the release said. “Morfis suspends each object from a single nail before an unadorned backdrop.”

“Dalessio | Morfis” will remain on view through July 7. For more information, call (631) 725-8469 or visit grenninggallery.com.