C’s Home and Office Management: Minding the Home, When the Homeowner Cannot

Cynthia and Chris Capalbo.

In an area that has long attracted a strong mix of first and second homeowners, services caring for residences while not in use have become a necessity. Whether it is any number of issues that may arise or simple cleaning for primary and vacation homes, these services are designed to give homeowners peace of mind. Having recently earned accredited member status for the eighth year from the National Home Watch Association, an organization formed in order to establish and maintain the highest industry standards for home watch and absentee homeowner services throughout the United States and Canada, C’s Home and Office Management founders Cynthia and Christopher Capalbo reflected last week on what makes their Sag Harbor business a success.

Offering house and office cleaning, estate management and house watching, the Capalbos have fine-tuned their business to cover a diverse set of needs. House watching packages are available twice weekly, weekly or on demand. They also offer pre- and post-storm reports. As the East End heads toward winter, one of the largest problems that can occur if unchecked are frozen pipes. Other top problems the company encounters include checking that locks and windows are secure and alarmed, flooding from leaks or a storm, security systems not being armed correctly and replacing smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries.

The Capalbos have had several situations where the outcomes could have been worse. On two separate occasions, they found clients in need of immediate medical care during routine checkups. “We had another client who had old tires thrown on her property to see if anyone was watching so that they could plan a robbery,” Christopher Capalbo shares. “The tires were removed, so the thieves went another direction. We have walked into houses, which were left open from another authorized party, and we had saved the day as there would have been many potential problems.”

Estate managers essentially serve as the eyes and ears of a property. They watch for weather-related problems, prepare for storms, open homes for summer and close them for winter, mitigate vandalism and crime concerns and other services. C’s Home and Office Management also offers green cleaning services, something that became particularly important as both the Capalbos lost their mothers to pancreatic cancer. Following this, Cynthia Capalbo had become interested in alternative ways to treat illness and disease.

After getting her master’s degree in herbology, Cynthia Capalbo decided to incorporate this new knowledge into her house cleaning business by offering organic cleaning products and becoming a certified Green Cleaning Company.

“We started green cleaning as we realized that houses that needed to be cleaned while also protecting the cleaning technician from harsh chemicals, the client from breathing in the harsh chemicals and from any pets that were also potentially being exposed,” Cynthia Capalbo says. “We wanted to do our part in protecting the climate and earth.”

Homeowners have been surprised to learn everyday household cleaners could have negative impacts on health and the environment. Drain and toilet bowl cleaners, antibacterial products and window cleaners have been known to cause kidney and liver problems, respiratory issues and possible skin problems. Green cleaning products get the job done effectively without the side effects. C’s Home and Office Management follows guidelines and procedures that help reduce pollution and toxic wastes, helping with climate control and ozone depletion.

With a mission to proactively prevent issues and save homeowners money on repairs through their maintenance work, the company serves clients across the South Fork.

“We enjoy running our business together,” Cynthia Capalbo shares. “We love to network, use local vendors and bounce off new ways to enhance our business.”

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