County Warns Against Swimming in Havens Beach Over Weekend



Humayun Chaudhry, Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Health services, has issued an advisory against bathing at 64 county beaches, including Havens Beach in Sag Harbor, due to the heavy rainfall forecasted for Friday night and all day Saturday as a result of tropical storm Danny.

The advisory was announced today and is based on the potential that bacterial numbers in excess of New York state standards, resulting from heavy rain, will impact these areas.

The Department says the beaches covered by the advisory are located in areas that are heavily influenced by stormwater runoff from the surrounding watersheds and/or adjacent tributaries, and, because of their location in an enclosed embayment, experience limited tidal flushing.

Beaches not directly influenced by stormwater runoff, including those located on the Atlantic Ocean, the Peconic Estuary, and most beaches on Long Island Sound, are not affected by this advisory.

The Department recommends that bathing and other water contact be suspended in affected areas until the waters have been flushed by two successive tidal cycles – at least a 24 hour period – after the cessation of rainfall. Unless sampling done by the Department finds elevated bacterial numbers persisting beyond the 24 hour period, this advisory will be rescinded as of 8 am on Monday, August 31.

For the latest information on affected beaches, call the Bathing Beach Hotline at (631) 852-5822 or visit the website link at and click on “2009 Bathing Beach Monitoring.”