Corner Bar, GNFerraris Support Mashashimuet Park Playground

On Friday, November 2, Corner Bar Manager Jenny Doud, in cooperation with Montauk Brewing Company representative Adam Moossmann (at left), presented a check for $5,000 to Mashashimuet Park Board president Greg Schiavoni (second from left) to help renovate the Mashashimuet Park playground. A matching donation of $5,000 was also presented to Mr. Schiavoni from local CPA Greg Ferraris (at right). Michael Heller photo

The owners of Sag Harbor’s The Corner Bar, Montauk Brewing Co. and GNFerraris donated $10,000 to the Parks and Recreation Association of Sag Harbor, the nonprofit that manages Mashashimuet Park and Otter Pond, for the park’s new playground.

On Friday, November 2, Corner Bar manager Jenny Doud and Adam Moossmann presented park board president Gregg Schiavoni with a check for $5,000. That donation was matched by Greg Ferraris, a CPA and owner of GNFerraris. The fundraiser, “Pints for the Park,” was conceived by Mr. Ferraris as a way to support the park which is currently constructing a new $375,000 playground in Mashashimuet Park.

“Greg Ferraris and I were discussing here at the bar one day discussing how we could raise money for the park,” said Ms. Doud. “They seemed to be raising so much money for the cinema, so how come we can’t raise money for the park? So, Greg came up with the idea of ‘Pints for the Park,’ and partnered with the Montauk Brewing Company so that every pint we sold during the months of September and October we’d donate a dollar to the park. Greg said he’d match anything we made.”

“The Corner Bar has supported us from day one,” said Mr. Moossmann, “and when Jenny reached out to us we were more than happy to add our support. We take great pride in being a local brand, so any opportunity to give back to the community that has done right by us we jumped right on it.”

The new playground is currently being installed at Mashashimuet Park. Prior to the beginning of construction early last month, the park board had raised $200,000 of the total price of the playground, taking an interest-only loan to fund the remaining $175,000 — a loan the park board said it hoped to pay off in one-year. To make your own donation, visit