A Conversation With Eric Bramoff

Eric Bramoff

Fall sports season is already in full swing with many Pierson Middle and High School games already in the books. Eric Bramoff, the athletic director for the Sag Harbor School District, sat down with The Express to discuss the changing dynamic of sports on the East End and his excitement for upcoming homecoming festivities.

What do parents and students have to look forward to this upcoming sports season?

I’m looking forward to Homecoming, which is the crown jewel and Spirit Night is the major event. Also, the field behind the school being open for soccer matches and field hockey matches is huge. We have a functioning scoreboard, bleachers — it gives a real “home field” that we’ve been looking for.

Any predictions for the season?

Girls volleyball is looking to follow up on their historic run last year. With coach Donna Fischer’s energy, I think the girls are going to have a great season. That can be said across the board. I think we’re going have a lot of championships this year.

With Mercy High School closing and the Stony Brook School leaving Section 11, what changes in your scheduling have you had to adopt?

Yes, there have been many changes. It’s more prevalent in the fall because there are more sports in the fall. What is challenging is getting non-league games to fit the number of teams there are. You have to take in many factors; is the team willing to travel to play you, are they close to your ability level. Not many teams are like us in size — we’re on our own little island and there are not a lot of teams left.

This year’s Homecoming celebrations are September 21-22, which is earlier than year’s prior. What was the reasoning behind moving them to the middle of September? 

Typically, Homecoming happens in October, but this year all fall sports are earlier. We’ve already played games when usually the first week of school is when our first game is. Homecoming is usually a football event and there are only so many schools that we could play. We researched ahead of time due to SATs and standardized tests and we realized there’s really only the only time that we could. I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to have a game on homecoming weekend. My focus is mainly on the athletics side, I have to schedule the games so students can be a part of activities too.

What can be expected from this year’s Homecoming festivities? Any exciting plans?

We’re going to have a side-by-side alumni field hockey and soccer game, alumni volleyball game, parade, skits, lip sync contest on Friday night and family-friendly activities with lip sync. Students have the same experience as in the past. It’s through the work of many people that Homecoming has really grown into an amazing tradition. We always take feedback from the students and try to move it in a trending direction. It’s not just about sports, it’s about family and alumni.