A Conversation With Dennis Fabiszak

Dennis Fabiszak. Richard Lewin photo

This Saturday, August 11, at 5 p.m. the East Hampton Library will host its annual Author’s Night in Amagansett. The event brings together authors for an evening of book signing, cocktails and dinner parties to benefit the East Hampton Library. The Express sat down with Dennis Fabiszak, event co-chair and director of the East Hampton Library, to discuss the upcoming event and future programming for the library.

This year’s Authors Night has a new location and will be held at the “555” field in Amagansett instead of the library grounds or another location in East Hampton Village. Why was it important to find a new venue for the annual event?

It was held at the library for the first eight years. A private property for five years after, which was a 4-acre piece of land. The event has grown so much and we outgrew the space. We’d bus people that couldn’t park on the field and it became too difficult so we thought a bigger field was better. We also do a children’s fair the next day, and the larger site is better for that too. Everyone can park on the same field and it’s safer and more convenient.

This year’s Authors Night, as per usual, features a variety of authors who will have signed copies of their work available for purchase. What are some of your favorite authors that will be at this year’s event?

Bob Caro is an all-time favorite and he’s been one of our co-chairs for years. He’s a two-time National Book Award winner and I’m looking forward to see when he’s coming out with his next book. Lee Childs I’m really excited about. Dr. Ruth Westheimer is back this year. For anyone who hasn’t met her, it’s a must.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are honorary co-chairs, as well as featured authors this year. The Baldwin Family Foundation have been big supporters of the East Hampton Library. What kind of impact has that support had on the library’s ability to expand its programming?

The Baldwin Family Foundation funded the Baldwin room in the library 2014. Almost all of programming takes place in there and in addition they’ve donated more than half a million dollars in funds to put towards programming and materials. They’re great supporters and they’re old-school library users. They bring their kids and have both worked on their books there. They really believe in using the facility. It’s a great partnership.

Author’s Night is the biggest single fundraiser for the East Hampton Library. What are some of the programs this event supports and is there new programming in the works for next year?

We’ve started doing some physical programming like tai chi, yoga and yoga for kids and we’ve also increased our literacy program. The high school programming department has doubled its budget. It can be an everyday place just for high school students. We have SAT/ACT prep, team building, and bullying awareness. We’re trying to be an additional education source for high school students and a home away from home where they can grow.

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading a couple of different things. I have lots of book galleries. I’m reading Wednesday Martin’s book “Untrue.” She’ll be talking at the one of dinners at Author’s Night.

East Hampton Library’s Author’s Night will be held on Saturday, August 11 at 555 Montauk Highway in Amagansett. For more information, visit authorsnight.org.