Conca d’Oro to Close at End of Month


Conca D’Oro proprietor Frankie Venesina tosses the dough for a fresh pizza in July, shortly after it was revealed the Sag Harbor mainstay would change hands. Michael Heller photo.

By Christine Sampson

Conca d’Oro on Wednesday announced via Facebook the restaurant will close its doors on October 31, with its co-owner, Frank Venesina, apologizing for any confusion that occurred.

The announcement came with a deal — $1 cheese slices and $10 cheese pies — on sale on October 31.

“We are so thankful for all of our loyal customers. … Come on by while trick or treating, we look forward to seeing you all!” Mr. Venesina said on Facebook Wednesday morning.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Venesina responded to rumors that the restaurant would be closing in October by saying its anticipated closing date was “December 31, if you want to be technical about it.”

Mr. Venesina and his parents, Tony and Lina, sold the restaurant this summer to Michael Cinque and Laurent Tourondel, who also own LT Burger on Main Street. Mr. Venesina said in July he has been asked to stay on by the new owners.

The announcement came several days after “Sag Pizza,” a business at the same address as Conca d’Oro, made an application at the October 12 meeting of the Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review.

During the October 12 meeting, Chris Di Sunno of Di Sunno Architecture presented plans for some structural improvements to the building. He explained the new owners will be bringing in a wood-fired pizza oven to the front of the restaurant and will likely move the current pizza ovens to the kitchen.

“It’s pretty. It’s from Italy,” he said. “We’ll still be able to use the existing ones for production, to get like 30 pizzas to the school and such.”

Sag Harbor Building Inspector Tom Preiato said in an email Wednesday that no building permits have been issued yet. “Dependent on what the plans are as far as use — a bar, et cetera — they may need site plan approval from the planning board. Nothing happening real soon, though,” Mr. Preiato said.

The ARB ultimately approved a skylight for the back dining room, replacement of the front windows and door and a new awning. Updated interior finishes and kitchen equipment are also included in the changes.

After Mr. Di Sunno left the meeting, the person who approached the board for the next application raised one “caveat” to the Sag Pizza application the board had just approved.

“No one made him promise to keep the sauce the same,” he said.

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