CMEE Earns $15,000 Grant



On Monday, the Children’s Museum of the East End (CMEE) in Bridgehampton announced it has earned a $15,000 grant form the Long Island Community Foundation (LICF) to supportCiencia en CMEE.”  Started in 2013 on the recommendation of community stakeholders, this afterschool program aims to inspire an interest in and excitement for science among young learners while providing parents and kids from around the area—including those who are often marginalized—with opportunities to learn and create together. Previous semesters of Ciencia have focused on the human body, geography and topography, simple machines and natural history.

In addition to making science education both fun and accessible, “Ciencia en CMEE” helps expand the English proficiency of participating families while providing these families with tools to help negotiate educational institutions such as museums, schools, and libraries in and around the East End. The program also utilizes bilingual high school students to help facilitate each class, allowing these students to share their passion for science while gaining valuable teaching experience and building self-esteem.

The LICF grant will enable CMEE to purchase program supplies, teaching materials, and to help offset the cost of field trips like the now-annual “Ciencia in the City,” a visit to the American Museum of Natural History where students meet and learn from practicing scientists.

“I am thrilled that LICF continues to support the Latino family population of the East End. Our children and parents need the access of extra educational resources and parenting training that this money supplies,” said Leah Oppenheimer, CMEE’s Director of Community Outreach. “Thank you Long Island Community Foundation!”

“The Long Island Community Foundation’s continued support of the Museum and Ciencia and CMEE is vital to helping us achieve our mission of making CMEE accessible to children of all backgrounds and abilities,” added Steve Long, the Museum’s president. “We are truly grateful for this grant and what it means for this program.”