Cinema will Honor First Responders and Care Workers

The iconic Sag Harbor Cinema.

In just two months, the board of the Sag Harbor Cinema will recognize the anniversary of the terrible fire of December 16, 2016, that devastated the cinema and a portion of the village’s Main Street by honoring the 19 fire companies and more than 150 first responders who came to battle the blaze in icy temperatures and powerful winds.

This year, since the pandemic and lock-down began in early March, other front line workers’ extraordinary courage and vital importance have come to the fore — essential care workers.

In this spirit of indebtedness, the Sag Harbor Cinema will be naming the eight seats in the front row of Theater 2, its new 90-seat theater, for first responders and essential care workers including: Sag Harbor Fire Department, Sag Harbor Police Department, Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Hospital/Health Care Workers, Child Care Centers of the East End, Food Pantries of the East End, Grocery and Farmers Market Workers, and Post Office Workers.

A generous donation from a board member has provided seed money to fund the seats in the form of a $10,000 gift. Additional gifts are welcome and any extra funds will help with programming and education initiatives, as well as basic operations of the cinema. Visit for details.