Ceremonial Seders from Art of Eating

A colorful Seder plate for Passover.

Ask any Jewish family and they’ll tell you about the significance of Passover and its pair of ceremonial seders.

And then they’ll tell you about the food.

Commemorating the liberation of the Jews from Egypt, Passover is a holiday about survival and perseverance, and a time for remembrance. Every year, in every corner of the world, Jewish families relive the story while seated around the seder table, its symbolism reflected in the food.

Art of Eating, located at 264 Butter Lane in Bridgehampton, is lending observers a hand by offering a special catering menu for Passover, which begins on Friday, April 19. Seder plates — with their signature roasted lamb bone, egg, harrosett, parsley, horseradish and salt water — will be available for $45, as well as a smoked fish display for $35 per pound, thinly sliced Faro Island smoked salmon for $98 per two-pound tray, a Mid-East dip display for $89, all-beef franks in a blanket for $21.50 per dozen, and chopped organic chicken liver and Gefilte fish for $14 per pound, among others.

Start off the meal with Israeli salad for $51 per half pan and chicken soup with matzo balls for $17.50 per quart, followed by a choice of main dishes: Brined Roasted Local Organic Chicken, Slow Braised Brisket, Whole Grilled Salmon, or Whole Roasted Salmon Filet, which range from $29 to $260, feeding up to 20 people.

Sides include local organic slow roasted root cellar vegetables, roasted asparagus, local spice roasted sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes with leeks, honey glazed Sang Lee carrots with dill, creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and potato kugel, priced at $15 to $26 per quart, and $49 to $79 per half pan.

And don’t worry about getting too excited over these desserts. There isn’t a hint of forbidden yeast anywhere.

Options include mango kiwi pavlova, flourless chocolate cake, cheesecake soufflé cake, house-made apple berry crisp, handcrafted cookies, big coconut macaroons, double chocolate chunk brownie bites, Jake’s sweet cinnamon giant “matzoh” cookies, and giant chocolate dipped strawberries, with a two-dozen minimum.

All orders must be placed by Tuesday, April 16, by calling (631) 267-2411. For the full menu, visit hamptonsartofeating.com.