Bad Numbers

There’s an old saying— “Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure”—and it’s sure to be trotted out by opponents of East Hampton Town’s effort to rein in noise complaints at East Hampton Airport now that the town has admitted it has made major blunders in compiling reports about airport operations this summer.

Caring for the Park

Friends of Priscilla Ciccariello know all too well that during the 25 years she lived in Sag Harbor she was dedicated to civic causes large and small. One of her crowning achievements was as the driving force behind the transformation of an overgrown patch of weeds on the south side of the village 19 years ago into a small gateway park named in honor of the preservationist Nancy Boyd Willey.

Remembering Paul

Family and friends of Paul G. Hansen, the 53-year-old Sag Harbor man who died last month when the car he was a passenger in slammed into a telephone pole right next door to his Noyac home, are channeling their grief into something good.

Big Shoes to Fill

The news this week that Sag Harbor Police Chief Tom Fabiano is preparing to retire, perhaps as early as January, will surely be felt in the village.

Register to Vote

According to the website for National Voter Registration Day, an estimated 6 million Americans who wanted to vote in 2008 could not either because they had missed the deadline to register or they did not know how to do so. Next week, the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons is going to try to make a small dent in that number locally when it sets up voter registration tables at 10 locations, from Westhampton Beach to Montauk, from 11 to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, September 22

Slow Down, September

Summer on the East End brings many pleasures—great weather, warm ocean temperatures, cultural events, fun parties, and even great people watching as the masses...

An Eye Toward the Harbor

Today, a new harbor advisory committee, made up of business owners, concerned residents, and representatives of Sag Harbor Village, held its first meeting. The group, appointed by Mayor Sandra Schroeder, has an open-ended mandate to weigh in on any and all matters, positive or negative, its members think will have an affect on the waterfront.

Recording Reprieve

The Sag Harbor School Board of Education reversed a policy this week, voting unanimously to record and publish its full board meetings from gavel to gavel.


As we come to the end of another busy summer season, it is more and more evident this is a community reliant on volunteers.

Talking it Through

We all make mistakes. As a newspaper we are the first to admit we are not infallible. At the same time, we have a...

Putting Out the Fire

Talk about party poopers. The Pierson Middle High School Parent Teacher Student Association and Booster Club’s decision, made without any sort of public discussion, to end the school’s tradition of holding a homecoming bonfire at Long Beach, stinks.

An Audacious Venture

The Sag Harbor Village Board dropped a bomb shell this week when it announced it would meet on Thursday to consider a resolution that would put the property behind the 7-Eleven, commonly known as 1,3,5 Ferry Road, on its wish list for purchase through the Community Preservation Fund.

Don’t Snooze on Start Times

Don’t Snooze on Start Times The Sag Harbor School Board announced Monday that it would move forward with a plan to start the school day 10 minutes later this year. The decision followed a year of discussion that, among other things, focused on alarming health studies that have shown adolescents simply don’t get enough sleep to remain healthy if they are forced to start their day any earlier than 8:30 a.m. Under the new plan, the school day will begin for middle and high school kids at 7:35 a.m., which any parent will tell you, is a negligible difference when it comes time to pry a 16-year-old off his or her mattress. In adopting the later start time, the board pointed to the support it received from parents who completed a recent survey. But many parents made a point of commenting on the survey that the 10-minute change was hardly worth it. Rather than pat itself on the back for a job well done, the board should be prepared to roll up its sleeves this year and continue to search for ways to shift toward later start times. It may require working with other districts and coming up with creative ways to imagine bus routes and the like, but it will be well worth it in terms of kids’ health and academic performance.

Building a Stable Future

It’s safe to say the Sag Harbor School District got its man Monday night with the hiring of Eric Bramoff, a Sag Harbor local and graduate of Pierson High School, who will take over as the district’s new director of athletics, health and wellness and as its supervisor of building and grounds.

Keeping Tabs on Alternates

The Sag Harbor Village Board will also hold a hearing on Tuesday on a proposal that would allow it to name two alternate members to the planning board, ZBA, ARB and Harbor Committee. Just last year, noting that its regulatory boards were often shorthanded, the trustees agreed to name one alternate member to each board.

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