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Editorial: The Fee Debate

The Sag Harbor Village Board has compounded its errors as it grapples with the difficult issue of trying to recoup some of the expenses the village incurs from the use of public property.

Editorial: Long-Range Plan Needed

It is time for officials to roll up their sleeves and start to talk about creating a long-term infrastructure plan for Sag Harbor’s waterfront, its sidewalks and streets, its wastewater treatment plant, its parking inventory and how traffic flows through its increasingly congested streets.

Editorial: Children Have To Lead

That teenagers are picking up the mantle, where adults have failed, is not surprising when it comes to the issue of gun control.

Editorial: Establishing a Real Baseline

Thanks to a public-private partnership a comprehensive testing program will establish a baseline for water quality across the village’s most important economic and recreational resource — its bayfront.

Editorial: Another Void To Fill

Sag Harbor residents were hit with another dose of bad business news this week when Ken O’Donnell announced that his La Superica restaurant would not re-open this spring as it has done every year since 1991.

Editorial: Time to Shut Down Sand

The disturbing news, announced this week by two local environmental groups and the Noyac Civic Council, that contaminants have been found in the groundwater beneath the Sand Land sand mine and mulching operation in Noyac, is a game changer.

Editorial: Public Health First

With questions remaining about the source of the chemical contamination that has infiltrated more than 100 private water wells in Wainscott, the answer to one question is already known.

Editorial: The Kids Lead

Confronted by an absence of leadership by their adult elected officials when it comes to discussing meaningful gun control, high school students across the country are taking things into their own hands.

Editorial: Precious Water

Since the Suffolk County Department of Health Services announced back in October that it had found elevated levels of perfluorinated compounds, commonly known as PFCs, in a number of wells in Wainscott, East Hampton Town has found itself facing a serious public health threat.

Editorial: In the Shallow End

For years, residents have petitioned the Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals for relief from the zoning code to build swimming pools on lots that, in many cases, are quite small.

Editorial: One Step at a Time

East Hampton Town this week signed off on $169,000 worth of water quality improvement projects in Sag Harbor, marking the first time since voters in 2016 approved an extension of the Community Preservation Fund that money for such purposes has been spent in the village.

Editorial: Public Insult

A new policy established by the Sag Harbor Village Board of Trustees on Tuesday night now limits the ability of taxpayers and the general public to participate in government.

Editorial: A Capable Presence

Ed Deyermond, who has enjoyed a long career in local government, announced his intention to retire later this year.

Editorial: The Opportunity for Vision

The East Hampton Town Board has a tremendous opportunity at its fingertips to shape the future of its hamlet centers decades down the road.

Editorial: Making a Splash

Opponents — and there have been many over the years — of efforts to build a public pool in Southampton Town have often argued...

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