On The Road: Sanitized for Your Protection

“You should have seen the size of the rats that used live down here,” said my husband, Adam, using his hands to indicate the length of a three-footer in what I suspect may have been a slight exaggeration, just like some of the fish he’s caught over the years. Or maybe not, based on my memories of the ye olde New York City back in the long gone days of the 1980s.

Point of View: Ice Cream or Die

My father is an ice cream addict. He is also diabetic. So when his doctor told him a few years ago he had to give up his ice cream, his response was swift.

On the Road: Diving into the Deep End of the Gene Pool

My daughter turned 16 this past weekend. Among the presents she received for her birthday was a new bike (which I’m not sure I’m going to let her ride around here now that Memorial Day has arrived) and a DNA testing kit.

Home: Mrs. Rita Smith: Praying to Call Sag Harbor Home.

Mrs. Rita Smith, who at 92 shines like the sun, remembers the prayer she once sent to the heavens. “I said to God, I always want to live in Sag Harbor."

On Art: Marsden Hartley’s Maine

“I wish to declare myself the painter from Maine,” wrote Marsden Hartley in an essay that accompanied his 1937 exhibition at An American Place.

On The Road: The Joy of the Attractive Nuisance and Well Fed Deer

It served its time well, and was much loved while it lasted. But alas, last week, it finally met its demise. “It” was the trampoline that has lived in our backyard for the past several years.

Point of View: The Sign in the Sand Box

Once upon a time there was a sand box. It was a small box, but it was cute and clean and soft and warm, especially when the sun was out.

Tropic Cinema: A Model for Sag Harbor?

Key West is a city; Sag Harbor is a little village. But, could the East End region support a non-profit theater like the Tropic?

Home: Coach Bob Vishno: A Sag Harbor Coaching Legend

Coach Bob Vishno inspired the young athletes of Sag Harbor to be their best — but not just the best at their sports…to be the best human beings.

On the Road: Driving Miss Sophie

Teaching my not-yet-road-legal daughter to drive recently brought back memories of my own first under age illicit driving experience. A prime example of the "Do as I say, not as I did" rule of parenting.

Point of View: The Fog of WTF

Enemy status is usually reserved for hostile foreign states with nuclear weapons, but we managed it with a few scratch pads and a Kindle.

On the Road: Picturing the Future in Eight Frames

When I was 12 years old, I visited New York City for the first time. Among the personal items I brought along was my Kodak Brownie Target six-16, a vintage box camera that I picked up at a garage sale for a buck. It took Kodak 616 film and I had just a single roll of it in my possession. One roll, eight photos, 1,200 miles. That was it.

Home: Thomas W. Horn Sr.

Sitting there at the card table selling raffle tickets and fire paraphernalia is a most dedicated firefighter, Mr. Thomas W. Horn Sr.

Sag Harbor Days: Sag Harbor is for Chocolate Lovers

A quick survey of Main Street businesses confirms that Sag Harbor is for chocolate lovers. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day you have plenty of choices.

Point of View: Facts Matter

Forget alternative facts. We’re in an alternative universe where something was indeed brutally murdered at Bowling Green and it was the truth.

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