On the Road: Driving Miss Sophie

Teaching my not-yet-road-legal daughter to drive recently brought back memories of my own first under age illicit driving experience. A prime example of the "Do as I say, not as I did" rule of parenting.

Point of View: The Fog of WTF

Enemy status is usually reserved for hostile foreign states with nuclear weapons, but we managed it with a few scratch pads and a Kindle.

On the Road: Picturing the Future in Eight Frames

When I was 12 years old, I visited New York City for the first time. Among the personal items I brought along was my Kodak Brownie Target six-16, a vintage box camera that I picked up at a garage sale for a buck. It took Kodak 616 film and I had just a single roll of it in my possession. One roll, eight photos, 1,200 miles. That was it.

Home: Thomas W. Horn Sr.

Sitting there at the card table selling raffle tickets and fire paraphernalia is a most dedicated firefighter, Mr. Thomas W. Horn Sr.

Sag Harbor Days: Sag Harbor is for Chocolate Lovers

A quick survey of Main Street businesses confirms that Sag Harbor is for chocolate lovers. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day you have plenty of choices.

Point of View: Facts Matter

Forget alternative facts. We’re in an alternative universe where something was indeed brutally murdered at Bowling Green and it was the truth.

On The Road: Sign of the Times

On a recent Friday afternoon, I found myself in Washington, DC. It was January 20 and I was focused on finding just the right message.

Point of View: The #Pussyhat Project

The "pussyhat" is the perfect symbol for the Women's March on Washington: the pink hat is visible and recognizable, simultaneously feminine and feminist.

Home: The Sag Harbor Cinema, a Beacon in the Heart of Our Village

Long before the Sag Harbor Cinema housed foreign and independent films, it was a very active part of our community, often first to show the latest films.

On The Road: Cryptozoology and other half truths

I’ll be honest. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned to be doing on the last Thursday of 2016. Yet here I was… in an old warehouse in Portland, Maine staring down into a glass case filled with impressive plaster specimens that were purported to be casts of Big Foot’s big feet. Yes, it was strange. But in a year filled with fake news and unpredictable turns of events, what better way to end 2016 than by visiting Portland’s International Cryptozoology Museum?

Fondest Farewells to a Newspaper Nonpareil

All those small, and not-so-small, delights happened in my tenure at The Sag Harbor Express, and quickly it dawned on me: I wasn’t merely covering a community, I had become part of a community. In the big-city tabloid culture I grew up in, no such commonality of purpose exists. But in this singular village, I had found such a place.

Notes From the Field: A Hole in My Heart

A part of me died when I watched the façade of the Sag Harbor Movie theatre crumble and fold in upon itself.

Home: Doris Gronlund Blessed to Call Sag Harbor Home

Born and raised in Sag Harbor I grew up beside some of the most amazing people. The Sag Harbor we all remember: a living-breathing piece of Americana.

Family Affairs: Canned or Fresh?

Our family is divided. The battle has been swirling for years and there is little respect between the two sides.

Home: David Pharaoh, A Proud Veteran

David Pharaoh is currently the Commander of the Sag Harbor Chelberg & Battle Legion Auxiliary Post 388.

Latest Articles

Business: Buzz Chew Discounts for First Responders, Dance Starts at HBTS

The Hampton Ballet Theatre School's 11th year of children’s dance classes began Monday, September 10, under the artistic direction of Sara Jo Strickland.

Savoring the South Fork en Plein Air

The “Summer Finale” exhibit at the Water Mill Museum acted as a call for their best work, and a third of the group pulled from both this past winter’s challenge and their archive to deliver — showing paintings, prints and drawings for the fourth year in a row.

Operatic History, Live, in “Don Giovanni in New York”

The upcoming performance of “Don Giovanni in New York” at Bay Street Theater will re-enact the events leading up to New York’s first Italian opera, while mirroring Da Ponte’s passion to spread opera in the New World.