Home: Eunice “Jackie” Vaughan Remembers Her Close-Knit Community

Jackie Vaughan woefully reminisces about a time when everyone in her Sag Harbor neighborhood knew each other and looked out for each other.

On the Road: Have Dog … or Skunk … or Otter … Will Travel

I’m going to pose a rhetorical question here … Does the world really need another service animal?

Expressions: Jack Was a Good Boy

I was there to bury my best friend Jack, our flat-coated retriever, who had died the night before, just 10 weeks shy of his ninth birthday.

On Art: David Hockney’s Progress

David Hockney's peripatetic life and personal experiences have been the sum and substance of his work since his days at London’s Royal College of Art.

Home: Deanna Lattanzio is Grateful to Be Home

There is no doubt about the value of good teachers in our lives and in the lives of our children.

Small Town Crank: The Disaster Agency Word Dump

Perhaps the bright lights of Hanukkah and Christmas have pulled our attention away from the country’s continued lurching toward totalitarianism.

On the Road: Going Nordic in Northwest (or the Svedish Schvitz)

When it comes to surviving winter, the Scandinavians have it all figured out. I love the idea of sitting in a bubbling hot tub under the stars deep in the woods surrounded by a foot of snow and critters of the night.

On the Road: Budding Builders

Most of the time, neither of my parents had a clue as to what I was up to or where in the neighborhood I was roaming and that’s exactly how I liked it. I didn’t come home until the cowbell rang signaling dinner was ready.

Home: Melanie Buttonow is Proud To Call Sag Harbor “Home”

It seems like there are fewer pumpkins on the stoops and fewer wreathes and twinkling lights, and I wonder what has happened to that spirit of celebration.

Small Town Crank: Sag Harbor Express Quiz

The Fall Semester is in full swing, and the course load has been overwhelming.

On the Road: Tin Soldiers and Nixon’s Coming

I took a trip back in time last weekend. In truth, it was only a couple hours by air, but it covered far more distance than the literal 650 miles that lay between Long Island and my alma mater.

Point of View: Two Ears, One Mouth

I was not binge watching bad TV. I was taking part in a reinstated Southampton Town program that connects civilians to the inner sanctum of police work.

Sidelines: Engraved Ever After

When the sun set on another successful HarborFest, my thoughts shifted to a mate of ours who is largely responsible for the whaleboat racing we enjoy today.

On the Road: Broadsided by Iceland

What’s that you say? You don’t remember Hurricane Cristobal in August 2014? Of course not. That's because it was never more than a category 1 storm and didn’t even come close to making landfall in the U.S. But in the last week of August 2014, I wasn’t in the U.S., I was in Iceland

Sidelines: Silence on the East Hampton Gridiron

Surprise, disappointment and even shock followed the news last week that East Hampton was cancelling its varsity and junior varsity football seasons.

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Thiele Pitches Commuter Trains in Sag Harbor

Members of the Teachers Association of Sag Harbor, the union of faculty employed by the Sag Harbor School District, expressed cautious support of the proposed South Fork Commuter Connection in a survey conducted by the school district last week.

Hurricane of 1938: Old Negatives Offer New View Of Storm’s Fury

Both black-and-white photographs—the first of a house near Lake Agawam, and the second of a home along Meadow Lane—were taken in Southampton Village shortly after the Category 3 hurricane, later named “The Long Island Express,” steamrolled the East End on the afternoon of September 21, 1938.

Hurricane of 1938: Even Downgraded, Storm Had Incredible Speed

Hurricane Nate amazed meteorologists not for its strength or size but for its speed. The storm had sustained winds of 85 mph when it arrived...