Real News: Newspaper Publishers Set Out on a More Certain Path

Leaders from newspaper associations across the United States and Canada have banded together on a relevance study led by Andy Cunningham of the Cunningham Collective.

It’s Only Natural: Springtime

March 20 was the first day of spring, the season when life renews itself, and invites us to renew our lives too.

Notes from the Field: No Place in the Garden for Contempt

I’m not saying that there are no rules in gardening, there certainly are; but only if you want to achieve a specific look.

Suffolk Closeup: Eye on County Executive Race

A big advantage for Mr. Bellone, a Democrat, is already having a campaign fund of $2 million. Mr. Kennedy, a Republican, has a fraction of that.

Eye on Public Health: Spring Cleaning Surprise

Imagine a Marie Kondo spring cleaning on steroids. Then multiply that ten-fold and you’ll have an inkling of what’s been going on in my house lately.

Looking Back: Strived for Equality

One significant chapter in the long struggle to achieve equal rights for women came with World War II when women went to work in factories and made a major contribution to the war effort.

Home: Jim ‘Beaver’ Early

Jim “Beaver” Early was born and raised in Sag Harbor to a large family whose Sag Harbor history reaches back to some of the earliest gravestones in the St Andrew Catholic Church cemetery.

Point of View: Then and Now

Certain truths in life are incontrovertible. Prices will rise, politicians will break their word and we will grow old.

Point of View: Mothers and Daughters

I remember looking at my nine-year-old daughter standing in our kitchen thinking, this child is perfect. God, or the spirit who controls all, must have overheard my thoughts and said, “Really, well get a load of this.”

Small Town Crank: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The Sag Harbor Express reported that a new Flower Stand will be opening up at the base of Main Street, near the windmill.*  In very short order, the internet went ballistic.

Home: Sue and Al Daniels and Crafting the Perfect Home

Al’s family dates back to the 1600’s in East Hampton where he was born and raised as a bayman. Sue, whose family came to Bridgehampton in the 1800’s, was born and raised there as well.

Suffolk Closeup: Farmers’ Victory

The lawsuit brought by the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, which would have crippled Suffolk County’s visionary and nationally heralded Farmland Preservation Program, is no more.

Point of View: Rising Up to Paradise

Coming from the Eastern End of Long Island, I thought I knew something about paradise and paradise lost. That being said, I found that New Year’s Eve on the North Shore of Kauai in Hawaii offered a glimpse of a paradise that was previously unimaginable.

Suffolk Closeup: Losing Students in an Unaffordable Region

I was unaware of a problem that is hitting most Suffolk schools hard — a declining number of students — until I was talking to a former college journalism student of mine.

Suffolk Closeup: The Nicotine Cabal

The nicotine cabal is hard at it, what with smoking tobacco having declined, promoting continued nicotine use by pushing electronic cigarettes and what’s called vaping.

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