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Suffolk Closeup: Eye on County Executive Race

A big advantage for Mr. Bellone, a Democrat, is already having a campaign fund of $2 million. Mr. Kennedy, a Republican, has a fraction of that.

Eye on Public Health: Spring Cleaning Surprise

Imagine a Marie Kondo spring cleaning on steroids. Then multiply that ten-fold and you’ll have an inkling of what’s been going on in my house lately.

Looking Back: Strived for Equality

One significant chapter in the long struggle to achieve equal rights for women came with World War II when women went to work in factories and made a major contribution to the war effort.

Home: Jim ‘Beaver’ Early

Jim “Beaver” Early was born and raised in Sag Harbor to a large family whose Sag Harbor history reaches back to some of the earliest gravestones in the St Andrew Catholic Church cemetery.

Point of View: Then and Now

Certain truths in life are incontrovertible. Prices will rise, politicians will break their word and we will grow old.

Point of View: Mothers and Daughters

I remember looking at my nine-year-old daughter standing in our kitchen thinking, this child is perfect. God, or the spirit who controls all, must have overheard my thoughts and said, “Really, well get a load of this.”

Small Town Crank: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The Sag Harbor Express reported that a new Flower Stand will be opening up at the base of Main Street, near the windmill.*  In very short order, the internet went ballistic.

Home: Sue and Al Daniels and Crafting the Perfect Home

Al’s family dates back to the 1600’s in East Hampton where he was born and raised as a bayman. Sue, whose family came to Bridgehampton in the 1800’s, was born and raised there as well.

Suffolk Closeup: Farmers’ Victory

The lawsuit brought by the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, which would have crippled Suffolk County’s visionary and nationally heralded Farmland Preservation Program, is no more.

Point of View: Rising Up to Paradise

Coming from the Eastern End of Long Island, I thought I knew something about paradise and paradise lost. That being said, I found that New Year’s Eve on the North Shore of Kauai in Hawaii offered a glimpse of a paradise that was previously unimaginable.

Suffolk Closeup: Losing Students in an Unaffordable Region

I was unaware of a problem that is hitting most Suffolk schools hard — a declining number of students — until I was talking to a former college journalism student of mine.

Suffolk Closeup: The Nicotine Cabal

The nicotine cabal is hard at it, what with smoking tobacco having declined, promoting continued nicotine use by pushing electronic cigarettes and what’s called vaping.

Notes from the Field: Winter Walks and Wonderings

Carving a path for nature from one side of this island’s fork to the other is all very interesting, you say, but why am I talking to you about the swamp at a time of year when all its flora is naked and all its fauna is hunkering down for the winter?

Eye on Public Heath: A New Year’s Resolution We All Need

There is one resolution we should all be making that was nowhere to be found on the list: Detoxing.

Suffolk Closeup: The Race Is On … Kind Of … for County Executive

The leading political contest in Suffolk in 2019 will be the race for county executive, the top post in Suffolk County government.

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