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Home: Eunice “Jackie” Vaughan Remembers Her Close-Knit Community

Jackie Vaughan woefully reminisces about a time when everyone in her Sag Harbor neighborhood knew each other and looked out for each other.

On the Road: Have Dog … or Skunk … or Otter … Will Travel

I’m going to pose a rhetorical question here … Does the world really need another service animal?

Editorial: A Capable Presence

Ed Deyermond, who has enjoyed a long career in local government, announced his intention to retire later this year.

Expressions: Jack Was a Good Boy

I was there to bury my best friend Jack, our flat-coated retriever, who had died the night before, just 10 weeks shy of his ninth birthday.

Editorial: The Opportunity for Vision

The East Hampton Town Board has a tremendous opportunity at its fingertips to shape the future of its hamlet centers decades down the road.

Editorial: Making a Splash

Opponents — and there have been many over the years — of efforts to build a public pool in Southampton Town have often argued...

Editorial: Call for Help

Southampton Town’s Opioid Addiction Task Force, established last year to propose meaningful solutions to help combat the drug crisis on a local level, will...

Editorial: Boosted

Those interested in seeing the spirit of Sag Harbor and its school community shine should plan on attending Spirit Night at Pierson High School on Friday.

Editorial: In the YIMBY Column

By all accounts, there are several thousand — yes, thousand — people in need of year-round, affordable housing in East Hampton and Southampton towns.

On Art: David Hockney’s Progress

David Hockney's peripatetic life and personal experiences have been the sum and substance of his work since his days at London’s Royal College of Art.

Home: Deanna Lattanzio is Grateful to Be Home

There is no doubt about the value of good teachers in our lives and in the lives of our children.

Editorial: Time for a Leader

The village’s Harbor Committee has called for water testing in and around Sag Harbor, and now there is a plan to do just that.

Editorial: Public Access for a Public Project

Plans for the renovation of Long Wharf have been in the works for the better part of a decade.

Small Town Crank: The Disaster Agency Word Dump

Perhaps the bright lights of Hanukkah and Christmas have pulled our attention away from the country’s continued lurching toward totalitarianism.

Editorial: The Time is Now

Southampton Town officials announced that the number of fatal overdoses had spiked from five in all of 2016 to 17 through mid-November of this year.

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