Pierson Students Earn Sag Harbor Lions Club Scholarships

Pierson Students Earn Sag Harbor Lions Club Scholarships

NAACP Representatives Challenge Appointment Of Bridgehampton’s New Superintendent

NAACP Representatives Challenge Appointment Of Bridgehampton's New Superintendent

Pierson Junior With Tourette’s Syndrome Raises Awareness

Pierson Junior With Tourette's Syndrome Raises Awareness

Sag Harbor Elementary School Kids Save Their Pennies To Support Charities

Sag Harbor Elementary School Kids Save Their Pennies To Support Charities

Sag Harbor School Board Reflects On Difficult Year

The last Sag Harbor Board of Education meeting for the school year on Monday night, June 21, was a quick one, with board members and administrators reflecting on one of the most challenging years in memory and extending thanks to people in various roles who provided all levels of support, while also congratulating those moving on and others moving up.

Bridgehampton School District Voters Approve Budget By Single Vote Margin

The budget was approved with 60.13 percent of the vote, just barely passing the 60 percent threshold needed to pass the budget. In order for the budget to go through, 60 percent was needed to pierce the state tax cap.

New Revenue Will Cushion The Blow, But New Bridgehampton School District Budget Would Still...

Voters in the Bridgehampton School District will be asked to approve a $20.66 million budget that pierces the state tax levy cap in a revote on Tuesday, June 15.

Sag Harbor District To Stick With Indoor Mask Requirements

In a press conference earlier in the day, governor Andrew Cuomo stated that, after consulting with officials from the Centers for Disease Control, he was not comfortable relaxing the mask mandate for students and faculty inside of schools, but said masks will not be required for students and staff when they are outdoors — mirroring the current CDC guidance.

Sag Harbor Fifth-Graders Host Annual ‘Wax Figures’ Display

These are just some of the interesting facts that Sag Harbor Elementary School fifth-graders discovered while working on their biography projects over the past few weeks. The culmination of that effort was on display at the school on May 26, when the students engaged in their favorite part of a project that has been a school tradition for more than 20 years.

Bridgehampton Picks New School Superintendent

Dr. Mary Kelly will take the reins as superintendent of the Bridgehampton School District effective July 1. She was appointed by the School Board...

John M. Marshall Elementary School To Host ‘Be The Match’ Event In Teacher’s Honor

John M. Marshall Elementary School To Host ‘Be The Match’ Event In Teacher’s Honor

Burying Ground Preservation Group Finishes Restoring 22 Revolutionary War Monuments In Sag Harbor

For 22 Revolutionary War patriots buried between the 1780s and 1840s in the Sag Harbor Old Burying Ground, their headstones look the best they have in decades, largely in thanks to the efforts of Mr. Kahofer and longtime local historian Zach Studenroth — who, together, founded the Burying Ground Preservation Group, which works to protect these delicate and often overlooked historical and sacred sites.

Exhibit Shines Light on the Tulsa Massacre 100 Years Later

“The Night Tulsa Died: The Black Wall Street Massacre of 1921” is a series of digital collages, on silk, that tell the story of the Tulsa Massacre, the 100th anniversary of which falls on May 30.

Parents Weigh In With Sag Harbor Board Of Education On Park Contract

The main topic of conversation at Monday night’s, May 24, Sag Harbor Board of Education meeting was, unsurprisingly, the status of the district’s contract negotiations with Mashashimuet Park.

Bridgehampton School Board Faces Slim Budget Options

When voters on May 18 defeated the Bridgehampton School District’s proposed $20.66 million budget by the slimmest of margins, it left the School Board with few options. It can ask voters to approve the same budget or it can submit an amended version — usually with cuts in spending — for a revote on June 15.

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