Districts Report Very Few Staff Members, If Any Refusing To Be Tested For COVID-19...

Some East End superintendents say that, so far, few staff members have been refusing to be tested for COVID-19, if not already vaccinated. As per a state mandate declared by newly-instated Governor Kathy Hochul last month, teachers and staff members have the option, if vaccinated, to undergo weekly testing, while it’s mandatory for the rest.

New Home For Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Studies At Stony Brook Southampton

Stony Brook University cut the ribbon last week on a new permanent home at the Stony Brook Southampton campus for the school’s speech language pathology masters program.

Sag Harbor Administrators, Board Members Discuss Goals At Latest Meeting

At Monday night’s Sag Harbor Board of Education meeting, administrators and board members took time to discuss goals and areas of focus for the 2021-22 school year. Improving on communication procedures with the public, assessing instructional programs and the impacts that COVID-19 has had on student learning, and keeping an eye on how changing demographics may require program adjustments were all topics of conversation, while the board members and administrators also had a lively discussion and debate about the merits and potential drawbacks of returning to remote status for some or all board meetings.

Mariella Satow, 17, Launches ASL Extension For Disney+ Movies

Mariella has developed and launched “SignUp,” a free Google Chrome Extension that provides on-screen American Sign Language signing, or ASL, alongside children’s movies on Disney+ — starting with “Frozen,” “Moana,” “Zootopia,” and her favorite film, “The Incredibles.”

Sag Harbor School Board Addresses Variety Of Concerns At Latest Meeting

At what was the final Sag Harbor Board of Education meeting before the start of the school year, on September 1, several members of the public weighed in with various concerns, some related to the pandemic, others not, while the board tried to address questions and provide clarification on its reopening plans.

New Superintendent In Hot Seat At Bridgehampton Board Of Education Meeting

Bridgehampton School Superintendent Dr. Mary Kelly was in the hot seat at the most recent Board of Education meeting on Wednesday night.

Governor Hochul Announces Weekly Testing Requirement for Unvaccinated School Staff

Governor Kathy Hochul expanded Tuesday on the need for weekly testing requirements for unvaccinated school staff, especially amid the rise in delta variant coronavirus cases, to ensure schools are safe.

School Enrollment Numbers Hold Steady From Last Year, Mostly

School Enrollment Numbers Hold Steady From Last Year, Mostly

New Governor Says Masks Mandatory For New York Students And School Staff

Newly-instated Governor Kathy Hochul has mandated masks for students and staff at schools across New York, and called for COVID-19 vaccines to be mandatory for school staff, with an option of weekly testing, on her first day in office on Tuesday. She also called on the state Department of Health to institute universal masking for anyone entering New York schools.

Sag Harbor School Agrees To Terms With Mashashimuet Park Board For Use Of Fields

With just a week remaining until the official start of the fall sports season, the Sag Harbor School District and the Mashashimuet Park Board finally struck a deal that will keep the park as the home of Pierson athletics for the foreseeable future.

Mashashimuet Park And Mask Mandates Are Hot Topics At Sag Harbor Board Of Education...

Concerns about masks and the still unresolved situation with Mashashimuet Park were at the forefront of the discussion at Monday night’s Sag Harbor Board of Education meeting.

Students In Sag Harbor May Be Required To Wear Masks In September

At the latest Sag Harbor School Board of Education meeting on Monday night, Superintendent Jeff Nichols said, in all likelihood, students and teachers in the elementary school and middle-high school will be masking up once again when they return to the classroom for the 2021-22 school year.

CDC Says School Should Be In-Person Full-Time, Masks Aren’t Required For Those Vaccinated

Local school district officials said they’re awaiting state guidance before making any final decisions.

DeSesa, Kruel Elected to Lead Sag Harbor School Board

At its annual re-organizational meeting on Monday, the Sag Harbor Board of Education nominated Brian DeSesa to return in his role as board president, for a second term, while longtime board member Sandi Kruel was nominated and sworn in as vice president, a role she has served in the past.

Long-Time Health Teacher Sue Denis Will Retire In Sag Harbor

Sue Denis, who is retiring this year after teaching Pierson High School students CPR for the past 28 years, remembers vividly the day when she first realized how important the skill was.

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