Hempstead Street Drainage To Be Improved by Summer Season

Ponding that occurs on Hempstead Street in heavy rains is the target of a drainage improvement project that the Village of Sag Harbor has been developing ever since a storm left the street flooded soon after a previous drainage project was completed in 2013.

East Hampton Town Hits Back with Own Suit Over Water Contamination

East Hampton Town, itself a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a Wainscott resident over contaminated drinking water discovered in the hamlet, has filed a lawsuit of its own — against chemical manufacturing companies, a local mining operation and even some neighboring municipal entities.

Trustees To Host Public Meeting on Aquaculture Lease Program

The East Hampton Town Trustees will host a public meeting on Wednesday, January 9, at 6 p.m. at East Hampton Town Hall on Pantigo Road in East Hampton to present information on the Suffolk County Aquaculture Lease Program.

Parking Ban Imposed at Park, Reid Bros. Garage in Sag Harbor

It looked as if the Southampton Town Board might delay a vote on a proposal to ban parking on the east side of a stretch of highway that the Reid Brothers garage uses to park overflow vehicles, blocking the Nancy Boyd Willey park from view. But in the end, the board voted 5-0 to impose the ban.

Rising Amount of Yard Waste Forces Town to Look at Stricter Rules

As commercial brush processing facilities have been closing due to tougher state waste-handling regulations imposed in 2017, the town’s three sites have all come under increasing pressure to handle rising amounts of leaves and brush. All that residential yard waste may be tainted with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.

Judge Rejects Appeal Seeking To Expand Mining Operation in Noyac

Closing another door on continued sand mining in Noyac, the state DEC’s chief administrative law judge last week rejected Sand Land’s motion to reargue its long pending application to expand its mining operations on its 50-acre site off Middle Line Highway and Millstone Road.

Planners Close Hearing on T. J. Maxx Expansion at Bridgehampton Commons

The Southampton Town Planning Board agreed on Thursday, December 13 to close the hearing on the T. J. Maxx expansion but hold the record open for 30 days for written comments after three speakers had appeared, including a somewhat flustered Pamela Harwood, chair of the Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee.

Town Official Details Recycling Programs for Noyac Civic Council

Noyac residents threw out question after question about trash and recycling on Tuesday to a Southampton Town official, who described the situation as overwhelming.

A Mixed Bag Reaction to Montauk Hamlet Study

Residents and representatives of environmental groups applauded efforts by the East Hampton Town Board to address the creeping reality of climate change and sea level rise in its new hamlet study for downtown Montauk during a public hearing last Thursday in Town Hall. Other speakers remained critical.

Lawyer Tells Harbor Committee: Think Twice Before Granting Pool Permit

The Harbor Committee of Sag Harbor seemed ready to grant a wetlands permit to allow a swimming pool 55 feet from Ligonee Creek on Monday when attorney Jeff Bragman, representing a homeowner from nearby Hildreth Street, called on the board to think again.

East Hampton Trustees Support Ban on Releasing Balloons

The East Hampton Town Trustees on Monday unanimously voted to support a ban on the intentional release of balloons in the town.

Town Working on Management Plan for Opening Mecox Bay Cut to Ocean

“This bay has not drained effectively for a very long time,” Harry Ludlow told the Southampton Town Trustees on Monday, December 2, when the board held a public hearing on a long-awaited draft management plan for Mecox Bay prepared by the town’s Department of Land Management.
U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin

$2.57 Million in Grants Announced to Improve Sound

On Monday, federal and state environmental officials announced 36 grants totaling $2.57 million to local government and community groups aimed at improving the health and ecosystem of the Long Island Sound.

Southampton Town Prepares Ban on Plastic Straws, Polystyrene Containers

The proposal for a plastic straw and polystyrene ban, based on laws adopted in the villages of East Hampton and Patchogue, would prohibit any “food service establishment, mobile food commissary or store” from possessing, selling, or offering for use single-service articles.

Town Airs Proposal to Allow for Alternative Electricity Supplier

Creating a CCA here would allow the town’s consumers to band together to seek energy from renewable sources or at better rates from energy suppliers other the PSE&G. The alternative energy would be supplied over existing LIPA transmission lines.

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