Climate Change Is Happening on the East End

Local environmental experts explained five ways climate change is establishing itself on the East End.

Long Wharf Closure Begins; First Step Is Milling Pavement

As planned, crews erected cyclone fencing on Monday, September 23, to block off most of Long Wharf while it undergoes a $4.32 million renovation this fall and winter. Work is expected to be completed in June 2020, barring severe winter weather.

Long Wharf Closure for Renovations Begins Monday, September 23

Fencing to close off most of Sag Harbor's Long Wharf to vehicles and pedestrians will be installed on Monday, September 23 and will remain in place until the $4.32-million project is completed next spring, according to Jenny Lund, the project manager for the engineering firm, P.W. Grosser.

Anecdotally, At Least, Monarchs Seems More Numerous This Summer

In recent years, the population of monarch butterflies, like 20,000 other species of insects, has declined due to habitat loss, the use of pesticides — and, in the monarch’s case, the absence of milkweed, which is the only plant monarchs can lay their eggs on.

Another ‘Lake’ Mine Is Targeted In A Southampton Lawsuit

Southampton Town has filed a lawsuit against the State Department of Environmental Conservation over its approval of a permit allowing a Speonk mine to excavate sand from below the groundwater table.

Photographer Diane Tuft Recognized By Southampton Arts Center

Ms. Tuft was the recipient of the Southampton Arts Center’s Champion of the Arts award earlier this month for her work in telling this story.

Officials, Residents Meet on Beach to Ponder Dredging Little Northwest Creek

About 30 residents of Ninevah Beach and the neighboring Azurest and Sag Harbor Hills communities met outdoors with local officials one evening earlier this month to show how their bay beach has been eroded by the wandering outlet of Little Northwest Creek.

Overlay District Suggested to Control Waterfront Development

The Sag Harbor Village Board this week began pondering the possibility of creating an overlay district to prevent unwanted development along the waterfront by standardizing the rules across its six zoning districts.

Familiar Dilemma for Harbor Committee: Leveraging Septic Permits

Does the village of Sag Harbor have the authority to require a property owner to put in a nitrogen-reducing “innovative-alternative” septic system when it grants permission to tear down and rebuild a waterfront house and refurbish its pool only 30 feet from wetlands — even if the owner has a permit in hand from the country to install a new but old-fashioned. passive system?

Flights Are Up at the East Hampton Airport

Flights into and out of East Hampton Airport were up 7.5 percent in the first half of 2019 and are on track to climb by 10 percent by the end of the year.

State Grant Awarded for Havens Beach Drainage and Filter Improvements

The Village of Sag Harbor has received a State and Municipal Facilities Program grant of $125,000 to pay for most of the long-planned Havens Beach drainage and filter improvement project, on which work should get underway late this fall,

Eating What You Love: The Credo for Mile-a-Minute Weevils

Mile-a-Minute weevils live to eat Mile-a-Minute weed, an especially aggressive invasive species from Asia that is popping up all over the region. The Village of North Haven last year bought 500 of them at $1 each from an agricultural lab in New Jersey to suppress a patch of the fast-growing vine behind Village Hall. Like the weed they love to eat, the weevils are transplants from Asia.

Violations Don’t Mean Lots of Vessels Are Spewing Septic Waste, Harbormaster Says

The 53-percent non-compliance rate the Sag Harbor harbormaster found in July is no indication of the proportion of vessels that might be illegally discharging sewage into local waters, he said during an interview in his office overlooking the harbor later in the week.

State Will Study Fish, Birds And Fishermen To Help Wind Farm Planning

New York State’s renewable energy agency will direct some $2 million over the next three years to a suite of environmental studies intended to forecast the effects of offshore wind farm construction in the waters off the Eastern Seaboard.

Montauk Counters Wainscott With Petition Against Deepwater Cable Landing

Residents groups from Montauk and Wainscott are circulating competing petitions, each seeking to convince state officials that their respective hamlets are the wrong place for the power cable from the South Fork Wind Farm to be connected to land.

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