Residents Wondering When Tap Water Will Run Brown Again

Conflicting answers from the Suffolk County Water Authority is part of Carol Williams's frustration with her periodic brown-water problem, which she says occurs probably three or four times a year, sometimes lasting a day but usually three or four days and on one occasion even longer.

Passarella Offers a Sweet Way to Say Thanks

Michele Passarella, a two-time breast cancer survivor, remembers the help the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital offered her when she battled the disease a few short years ago.

Once Nearly Stanched, Ligonee Brook Sees A Run Of Young Alewives

The waters of Ligonee Brook saw a once-rare rush of small fish down its shallow, winding reaches last week, as a year-class of alewives dashed out of Long Pond for the tidal waters where they will grow to adulthood.

Harbor Committee Milestone: ‘No’ to Pool Within Wetlands Setback

Marking a milestone in its recent history, the Harbor Committee of Sag Harbor on Monday rejected a long pending application for a wetlands permit that would have allowed a pool to be constructed behind an existing house at 36 Fordham Street, 63-feet from wetlands along Ligonee Brook, 12-feet closer than required by the wetlands code.

Building Inspector Checks, Finds Billy Joel House Conforms to Its Permit

No code violations are occurring at the property, according to Sag Harbor Building Inspector Thomas Preiato. ARB Chair Dean Gomolka, also asked for comment, said the building inspector had investigated and found the construction to be “within his tolerances.”

Southampton Town Trustees Adopt Mecox Management Plan

Despite opposition from Southampton Town’s chief environmental analyst, the Town Trustees adopted a plan to manage the Mecox Cut last week, after nearly four years of working with local residents and regulatory agencies to fine-tune its details. But even as it won unanimous approval, issues remain.

Sag Harbor Sets 2025 Deadline for Connecting to Any New Sewer Line

The Sag Harbor Village Board this week set a five-year deadline for properties to be connected to municipal sewer lines after the lines have been extended past their locations.

Press Sessions In East Hampton Focuses On The Future Of Wind Farms

The first “Press Session” event held in East Hampton last Thursday afternoon, September 26, at Rowdy Hall.

Climate Change Is Happening on the East End

Local environmental experts explained five ways climate change is establishing itself on the East End.

Long Wharf Closure Begins; First Step Is Milling Pavement

As planned, crews erected cyclone fencing on Monday, September 23, to block off most of Long Wharf while it undergoes a $4.32 million renovation this fall and winter. Work is expected to be completed in June 2020, barring severe winter weather.

Long Wharf Closure for Renovations Begins Monday, September 23

Fencing to close off most of Sag Harbor's Long Wharf to vehicles and pedestrians will be installed on Monday, September 23 and will remain in place until the $4.32-million project is completed next spring, according to Jenny Lund, the project manager for the engineering firm, P.W. Grosser.

Anecdotally, At Least, Monarchs Seems More Numerous This Summer

In recent years, the population of monarch butterflies, like 20,000 other species of insects, has declined due to habitat loss, the use of pesticides — and, in the monarch’s case, the absence of milkweed, which is the only plant monarchs can lay their eggs on.

Another ‘Lake’ Mine Is Targeted In A Southampton Lawsuit

Southampton Town has filed a lawsuit against the State Department of Environmental Conservation over its approval of a permit allowing a Speonk mine to excavate sand from below the groundwater table.

Photographer Diane Tuft Recognized By Southampton Arts Center

Ms. Tuft was the recipient of the Southampton Arts Center’s Champion of the Arts award earlier this month for her work in telling this story.

Officials, Residents Meet on Beach to Ponder Dredging Little Northwest Creek

About 30 residents of Ninevah Beach and the neighboring Azurest and Sag Harbor Hills communities met outdoors with local officials one evening earlier this month to show how their bay beach has been eroded by the wandering outlet of Little Northwest Creek.

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On The Road: Food for Thought (and the College Student)

“There’s no food in this house!” So came the plaintive wails of our daughter as she perused the kitchen shelves in late December, having newly arrived from completion of her first semester of college. "Really?" I thought. "Is that possible? No food at all?"

Schaivoni Retracted LaValle Statement

Tommy John Schiavoni, the Southampton Town Councilman from Sag Harbor running for New York State Senate, retracted a statement critical of Senator Kenneth P. LaValle shortly after it was released following the announcement of Mr. LaValle’s retirement late last week.

Sara Cochran Named Executive Director of The Church in Sag Harbor

The Church — an incubator for the arts in the former Sag Harbor United Methodist Church building on Madison Street — now has an executive director and chief curator in Sara Cochran.