EXPRESS SESSIONS: The Experts Join The Express News Group To Talk About Vaccines

A panel of local lawmakers and health professionals joined the Express News Group and dozens of virtual attendees of last week’s Express Sessions forum on Thursday, January 25, to explore analyze the frustrating first six weeks of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort in New York and the prospects for shots reaching the East End sooner.

Winter Storm Precipitated Icy Roads, Power Outages, School Closures

Winter Storm Precipitated Icy Roads, Power Outages, School Closures

Lauder Returns To ZBA With Request To Re-Build Oceanfront Homes

Billionaire businessman Ronald Lauder has returned to the town Zoning Board of Appeals with a request to rebuild an oceanfront house that was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy and is what one town planner called “a ticking time bomb” for being felled again.

East Hampton Boards Approve Wind Farm Agreements

Both of East Hampton’s elected government bodies this week gave their stamps of approval to the landing of the South Fork Wind Farm power supply cable at Beach Lane in Wainscott — and the $29 million the agreements will bring the town.

Southampton Measure Would Require Sand Mines To Monitor Groundwater

With the safety of groundwater a major concern in Southampton, the Town Board will move forward with a proposal to require that all sand mines in town set up groundwater monitoring systems to provide early warnings of, or head off, potential contamination.

East Hampton, The Last Hope For A Robust Scallop Harvest, Proves Unspared From Scarcity

Cooler waters and fewer blooms of murderous algae do not seem to have spared East Hampton waters from the disastrous bay scallop harvest that is being experienced in the western portions of the Peconic Estuary.

Ørsted Makes Bid For Third NY Wind Farm

Two offshore wind developers announced this week that they have submitted bid proposals to New York State for new wind farms in the ocean southeast of Block Island that, if selected by the state, would pump electricity to Long Island.

Volunteers Prepare For Cold Stunned Turtle Rescue Season

“These conditions are actually just about perfect,” said Steve Abbondondello, a volunteer with the New York Marine Rescue Center, who, along with stranding technician Katie Goulder, led to the beach a group of 15 prospective volunteers who they hoped to add to the small army of beach walkers who will look for stranded turtles this season.

The Climate Corner: Vineyards Explore Organic Methods

“Someday, we may not even have the wines that we now know, like Chardonnay and Burgundy,” says Larry Perrine, partner at Channing Daughters Winery in Bridgehampton. “But we’ll always have rosé, right?” I ask, trying to hide the tears in my eyes.

Extreme Rainfalls And Dry Spells Define the Northeast Climate In The Age Of Global...

Marine scientists have sounded new alarms over the effects of a warming climate on marine life on the South Fork in the months since a massive die-off of bay scallops in the Peconic Estuary.

10-year Oyster Reef Effort Coming To Lake Montauk

Lake Montauk got an influx of 100,000 new oysters along its shores last week from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program, as part of a water quality improvement effort organized and funded by the Concerned Citizens of Montauk and Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina.

Winds From Tropical Storm Isaias Pack A Punch: Thousands Left Without Power

The National Weather Service has issued a tropical storm warning for the East End through Wednesday morning as Tropical Storm Isaias, which is expected to strengthen to a hurricane on Monday, makes it way north along the Atlantic coastline.

Southampton Fights Invasion Of Dirt Bikes On Public Trails

Southampton Fights Invasion Of Dirt Bikes On Public Trails

New Toxic Seaweed Species Has Exploded In Long Island Bays

A new species of seaweed that can be extremely toxic to fish and shellfish has spread throughout Long Island’s bays in the last three years and could pose a dangerous threat to many marine species, marine biologists from Stony Brook University announced this week.

Untimely Death Of Young White Sharks Benefit Science

A juvenile white shark that was found dead on the beach in Southampton Village, and several others like it that have washed up on South Fork beaches in recent years are providing marine biologists from Georgia to Cape Cod with a rare and scientifically important opportunity to study one of the ocean’s most famous species.

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Larocca Announces Affordable Housing Initiative In Sag Harbor

As part of a new effort to address the lack of affordable housing in Sag Harbor, Mayor Jim Larocca said this week he would appoint trustees Bob Plumb and Ed Haye to serve as co-chairs of the Sag Harbor Affordable Housing Initiative.

Lil’ Birdie Opens in Sag Harbor

Located off Division Street in Sag Harbor, Lil’ Birdie offers all natural and organic homemade fried chicken, grilled chicken, and falafel sandwiches with a unique selection of sauces at an affordable price.

North Haven Returns To In-Person Meetings

The North Haven Village Board last week backed away from a proposal to slap an automatic two-week stop-work order on contractors who continue to ignore the village’s weekend-ban on noisy construction work after first receiving a warning from the building inspector.