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Southern Shark Populations Appearing In Local Waters Could Be Sign Of Climate Change

Which is exactly what Chris Paparo and his team of shark researchers at the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center’s Shark Research Team are doing — studying shark activity and shark populations on the East End by catching and tagging a variety of shark species.

Another Bay Scallop Die-Off In Bays Looms, But Giant New Generation Leaves Room For...

Researchers from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program in Southold have been conducting monthly underwater examinations of the scallop stocks in seven locations around the Peconic Estuary — from Flanders Bay to Napeague Harbor — to track the health of the stock in the wake of the massive die-offs in 2019 and 2020.

Bridgehampton Homeowner Says Developer Of Neighboring Property Clear Cut His Border

Mr. Schnurman said about 4,100 square feet of vegetation that included about 30 trees as well as vines, brambles, and other ground coverage was removed.

East Hampton’s Wildlife Will Lose Good Friend When Dell Cullum Leaves Town

Mr. Cullum and his wife, Dee, are moving at the end of August to a house they recently purchased on a big lake in central Massachusetts.

Groups Look To Protect Sea Turtles Using Sculpture

The group is looking for waterfront towns and villages on Long Island to sponsor sea turtle sculptures and place them prominently in public spaces. In Southampton, a plain fiberglass turtle sculpture would then be decorated by the local community — artists or school children — and used to raise awareness, Mr. DeLuca explained.

Making An Environmentally Friendly Idea, More Environmentally Friendly

Using a mix of lightweight and durable woods with stainless fasteners, the “Bay Box” oyster boxes developed and manufactured by Michael and Sundy Schermeyer, eliminate the need for flotation and plastic zip ties and, they say, do not become fouled with seaweed inside them the way the plastic bags do.

Three East End Sites On Preservation Long Island’s List Of Endangered Historic Places

The group has listed the Pyrrhus Concer homesite in Southampton, the Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest and Ninevah neighborhoods in Sag Harbor, and the home and studio of the artists James Brook and Charlotte Parks in Springs as being vulnerable. Ironically, all three are the subject of ongoing preservation efforts.
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27Speaks: The Declining Population Of The Prehistoric Horseshoe Crab

In this week’s edition of 27Speaks, the editors are joined by Photo Editor Dana Shaw and reporter Kitty Merrill for a discussion about the declining population of horseshoe crabs and efforts to save the prehistoric creatures.

Would Wetland Be The Solution At Havens Beach In Sag Harbor?

A group of about a dozen curious village residents gathered at Havens Beach on Saturday morning to stroll around the upland portion of the park, where a drainage ditch, stagnant in dry weather, fast-flowing during heavy rains, is sealed off from the rest of the park by a black chain-link fence.

Horseshoe Crabs: The Real Blue Bloods Of The Hamptons, Vulnerable To Extinction

Horseshoe Crabs: The Real Blue Bloods Of The Hamptons, Vulnerable To Extinction

Kelp Could Be Environmental Elixir, And Economic Opportunity

Sugar kelp, a brown rubbery plant that can grow underwater fronds up to 15 feet long, is proving in test cases, the researchers say, to be highly efficient at soaking up nitrogen and phosphorous in tidal waters; can be sold for use as food, cosmetics ingredients or processed into highly effective organic fertilizer; and appears to even be particularly deadly to one of the most toxic species of “red tide” algae found in local waters.

South Fork Natural History Museum’s Young Environmentalists Society Allows Kids With A Love Of...

For the past year, a dedicated group of preteens with a love for nature and an interest in learning more about the environment have been gathering together — both online and outdoors — to benefit the community and become better stewards of the earth.

Region Will Be Part Of A ‘Big Bug Event,’ As Cicadas Emerge Beginning In...

However, Long Island will be a participant in this year’s big bug event — the emergence of billions of U.S. Brood X cicadas

Montauk Petition Adds To Pressure On Army Corps To Rebuild Eroded Beaches Sooner

Montauk residents and the Concerned Citizens of Montauk are trying to put a little political weight behind the pleas of East Hampton Town officials to convince the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to prioritize the replenishment of the beaches of downtown Montauk.

Thousands Of Fish Dying In Local Bays; Scientists Suspect Bacteria

Scientists and government agencies throughout the Northeast are investigating a widespread die-off of an ecologically important fish species known as menhaden, or bunker, that has left the bottoms of local bays and creeks littered with their small silvery corpses this spring.

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27Speaks: Back To School In The Continuing Wake Of COVID

In this week’s edition of 27Speaks, the editors discuss the start of the new school year, and the issues teachers and administrators are facing in the continuing wake of COVID, and the extra help students need after remote learning for portions of the past two years.

A Welcome Return For Sag Harbor’s HarborFest

HarborFest returned to Sag Harbor this weekend after a one-year hiatus owing to the coronavirus, and to say it was a hit with a population that has grown weary of being cooped up would be an understatement. Huge crowds converged on Long Wharf and the waterfront under sunny blue skies to listen to music, sample food from a number of purveyors, browse displays or watch the whaleboat races.

Dead Air Surrounds WLNG Tower Application

Over a year ago, when COVID-19 led to an influx of full-time residents in Sag Harbor, village officials scrambled to improve cellular service, which by all accounts suffered considerably as more people competed for limited bandwidth.